Social Media Marketing

Our managed social media program is a front-to-finish solution for organizations with big goals.

program elements

When we say comprehensive, we mean it. Our social media marketing engagements are a coordinated approach for business and community growth.

Expect social strategy, likable content, and responsive community management that tells your story, ignites conversation, and aligns with your target audience and business growth goals.

An all-in engagement includes:

  • strategy development
  • campaign planning
  • content production
  • community management
  • ad buying and optimization
  • measurement and reporting

strategy and discovery

Sculpt conducts a deeper audit of your existing content, competitors’ strategy, audience segments, and channel opportunities. Armed with our research and your vision and goals, we’ll co-design a roadmap for community and business growth.

community management

With a strategy articulated, it’s time to put the plan into action. Our program covers all day-to-day digital activities used to cultivate community value, from proactive following to consistent publishing.

content production

Sculpt produces visual micro-content tailored to the nuances of each social platform. Our designers generate thumb-stopping images, graphics, and videos that turn your fans into customers, and customers into fans.

account communication

We connect once, twice, or four times a month to discuss progress, performance, and recommendations. Our huddles touch upon quantitative measurements and qualitative feedback.

ads and amplification

Our paid social program are planned to the penny by our Digital Strategists. While most of our clients’ budgets are spent in Facebook, we’re prepared to optimize campaigns across the social landscape (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).

measurement and reporting

To track success across platforms and programs, we almost certainly have a data aggregation and dashboarding tool to keep us accountable to your goals. Our impact reports hit your inbox monthly or quarterly, though we’ll always share insights faster if you ask.

The perfect combination of witty, organized, responsive, analytical, and orange, if we do say so ourselves.

our team structure

From strategy through execution, your new team covers the brand bases.

community manager

Equal parts social media manager, consultant, and superhero, our community managers become your go-to resource for all things social strategy and execution.

communication designer

Our creatives are makers of things, takers of pictures. From story-based micro-content to lead generating ads, our designers bring your brand to life through compelling visuals.

digital strategist

What’s the purpose of quality content if your audience never sees it? Trust our digital strategist to amplify your marketing and message to the right people, at the right time.

pricing structure

How much does it cost? Sculpt structures our flexible scope, social media marketing programs with a flat monthly fee, based on a post-discovery assessment of goals and opportunities. Every agreement is tailored to meet your unique needs and expectations.

Most social media engagements start at $5000/mo to onboard our team as yours. Our pricing scales up and down based on goals, publishing and meeting frequency, number of channels, and total ad spend managed. We won’t give you an estimate without getting to know you and your brand first.

The team is phenomenal and it was as if we were their #1 priority–I cannot say enough about their professionalism and knowledge of their craft that they bring to the table.

Not sure you’re ready for a full-service social team? Sculpt designs social media strategies, consults on in-house programs, and executes short-term campaigns. If you’re hungry to grow, we’re eager to help.

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