Sculpt is a B2B social media marketing agency with Hustle & Heart.

Let's use social media to inspire your advocates and influence decision makers so you can grow faster in 2024.

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100% dedicated to better B2B social

We help leading B2B brands level up their social media programs (so they can create demand, lift share-of-voice, and outpace competitors). Meet the Sculptrons 👇

Our ideal client type is yours

What do mid-market category challengers, enterprise tech giants, and the #1 spam blocking app have in common? They’ve all trusted us to write in their voice, grasp their technical world, and manage their modern social media programs.

Example B2B social media client experience includes:

  • SaaS
  • FinTech
  • Manufacturing
  • Industry Media
  • B2B e-commerce
  • Professional services
  • Industrial automation

Enterprise complexity is our favorite type of challenge. We help our clients showcase their innovation, launch products, and educate the market across dozens of diverse categories.


your marketing goals are ours

B2B companies have big goals and busy teams, so we build organic & paid social media strategies that help you grow faster.

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grow your audience & awareness →

Here’s an uncomfortable truth: People buy the brands they  know, like, and trust. Good thing you have us. Our team works behind-the-scenes providing content, campaigns, and consulting engineered to lift brand reach, resonance and recall. Let’s build a social media strategy that grows your audience, empowers your execs, and arms your customer/employee advocates.

Your wishlist, tackled:

  • Episodic & vertical video series
  • Social media strategy playbooks
  • Employer brand & talent attraction content
  • Community management & b2b influencer campaigns
  • Employee advocacy & executive social media consulting

acquire more leads & customers →

Sculpt Campaign Managers own all things social media ROI. If your success is measured in marketing-sourced leads or revenue, trust our team with your paid media budget and goals.


Our team engages yours in one of three ways.

training your team

When your marketing, sales, or executive leadership team is looking for advice, our experienced strategists can provide the direction you need. We deliver instructional content in the form of done-for-you creative templates, ghostwriting, personalized workshops, and custom reports.

managing campaigns

From hero product launches to tentpole events, our team can become yours to hit an ambitious, measurable goal. Managed social media marketing campaigns include all of the planning, creative, ad optimization, and accountability of our agile marketing retainers for a fixed time period.

ongoing marketing retainers

The recipe for long-term social media growth includes a customer-centered content strategy, an agile team, and measurable goals. After we help you lay that foundation, the scope of our ongoing marketing retainers can flex as we test, learn, and grow. See our social media pricing.


b2b social media


b2b social media, campaign


b2b social media

Sun Pacific

social media campaign

An agile team that pivots according to our needs…Sculpt consistently brings refreshing solutions to the table.

b2b social media agency services

Some social media agencies focus on organic social media nuance. Others obsess over paid social mechanics. Why not both? We go above and beyond to cultivate an audience that cares, shares, and converts.

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social media strategy

Sculpt conducts a deep audit of your social media marketing strategy, competitors’ playbook, audience behavior, and channel opportunities. Armed with our insights and your goals, we’ll co-design a roadmap for audience and business growth in 2024.

community management

Need a hand or three? Our team lives in the trenches of your DMs and news feeds. Count on us to manage, monitor, and moderate the conversations across your owned social media properties.

content creation

Millions of thumbs stop on our clients’ content each year. Let us get to know your brand and we’ll show you how it comes to life in art and copy on social media channels.

social media consulting

Pick our brains and steal our secrets. We’ll advise your team on what’s working, what we’re learning, and what you should be doing to smash your goals.

paid social advertising

Our full-funnel, paid social campaigns are measured meticulously. We spend the most money with LinkedIn and Facebook, but if your audience is elsewhere, our campaign managers will find them.

measurement and reporting

This stuff works, so keep us accountable to your goals. We built our own reporting process to make it easy to spin up dashboards, campaign recaps, and executive snapshots.

Feeling like “we get you?” Our clients say the same…

about sculpt

Sculpt is a turnkey team of engagement managers, campaign strategists, and creatives. We work across 7 time zones, and keep an office in downtown Iowa City. We're a 70/30 split between dog and cat people with never-ending pictures to prove it.

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why we're different

The internet moves fast. Sculpt keeps pace. We bundle content creators and strategists into an agile team focused on your needs and goals. No more change orders and wasted hours.

we get your goals

“Better social media” isn’t a business goal; lifting aided brand recall or increasing MQLs by 50% is. Sculpt centers efforts on the metrics that matter.

we are made to flex

When you stop experimenting, you stop learning. Our ongoing “growth & optimization” scopes mean our team is constantly improving.

we live and breathe social

If social media can’t grow your business, we’re not getting involved. Our team has spent a decade keeping pace with the platforms and documenting what works. Learn more about us.

Enough about us, what’s your story?

Connect with Sculpt for a free strategy call. Our DMs are open.

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