Cameron Rexroat

Associate Social Media & Influencer Strategist

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Yes, he wants you to get creative with your content.

Cameron has the obvious credentials to play the part of Associate Social Media & Influencer Strategist, and he is damn impressive at it. At Sculpt, he partners with the agency’s growing social media strategy team and works on those masterful decks you keep on your desktop.

Cameron has spent the last 9 years working in the cannabis industry as a social media strategist for various brands looking to make an impact in an ever-changing industry. His career began in customer service where he worked from the ground up, when he migrated to the marketing side of business.

Born in Arizona, Cam now resides in Vancouver, WA exploring mountains, moody beaches and eating the best craft food in the country. He is a big fan of binging Ina Garten, spreadsheets (they are actually fun!) and the legendary Lady Gaga (and Dolly Parton…because it’s Dolly).

p.s. Ask him about the time he gave Lady Gaga flowers during her 2015 Artrave tour (he’s still crying about it).

When he’s not building your next social strategy, you can find him walking to the nearest local coffee shop (which is on every corner in WA). He’s a big foodie and loves making a trip to Portland for anything vegan! When he’s not out and about, you can find him doing his best Jennifer Coolige impersonation and playing with his pup Athena.

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