Gina Waters

Content Specialist

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Yes, she will be your 24/7 fashion advice hotline.

Gina is an expert at creating efficient workflows between internal and external parties and brings the fire every day in her role of Digital Engagement Manager, working with clients in industries ranging from antitrust law to economic development. You can usually find Gina coordinating at least a thousand sticky notes, sorting calendars to maximize timely operations, and probably planning for your next cross-functional team meeting.

In and out of work, Gina’s a risk-taker — from living and traveling around multiple different countries, to pursuing her skydiving certification, to hitting personal PRs in the gym. She’s also a fashion fanatic with a deep love of books. Someday she’ll build a large personal library, but for now, she’s happy as long as she’s got her Kindle and a large cup of bubble tea.

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