Meghan Crawford

Content Marketing Manager

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Yes, she wrote that tweet you liked. No, she won't accept your guest post.

Meghan is an Iowa transplant by way of Florida with a background in travel writing and SEO. She’s passionate about crafting authentic, meaningful content and connecting with audiences. Meghan enjoys finding creative solutions, writing long-form copy, and starting sentences with the phrase, “you know, when I was in Italy…”

At Sculpt, Meghan manages the inbound and content marketing program. She’s responsible for the 64% increase in organic traffic in 2020. If you’ve clicked an ad, read a post, or filled out a form, Meghan tracked it. In fact, she knew you were going to do that. Thanks.

Outside of Sculpt you can find Meghan writing and plotting her inevitable retirement to a villa in Italy, “Under the Tuscan Sun” style.

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