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Sculpt builds B2B social media marketing programs to grow your reach and revenue.

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75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions. On social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook, you’re building deeper relationships with customers and prospects every single day.

B2B social media marketing done well drives awareness before prospects consider competitors. It educates leads on how you solve their problems. And gives employees and customers more reason to refer you.

That’s where we come in.

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Our B2B social media clients hire us to grow reach and revenue (or both). Which sounds more like you?

grow our audience & brand on social media

Your in-house team needs strategic, consultative support, and ours can help. Rather than direct conversions, your goals are focused on widening the net of prospects and advocates that know, like, and trust what you do. Success metrics might include 2x audience growth with a lift in engagement rate on a key channel in 6-12 months.

grow leads & conversions with paid social media

You need hands-on support to hit your 2021 business growth goals. That means filling the sales funnel with marketing qualified leads (or new candidates). You expect paid social media channels to produce ROAS. Success metrics might include 2x MQLs at your target CPA inside of 3-6 months.

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b2b social media strategy process

Ready to grow? Success starts with clear goals and benchmarks, customer-centered content, and an agile strategy that adapts with learning.

1. audit and opportunities

Discover the holes in your current social media strategy that are holding you back. Whether it’s scaling back publishing frequency or re-engaging your customer list, our team will listen, research, then define quick wins to get you on the right path.

2. clarity and goals

After presenting the audit and opportunities, we will revisit your brand messaging, audience personas, and short and long-term goals to establish a clear roadmap for social.

3. strategy foundation

Sculpt will present a strategy for social media marketing to grow your audience through awareness content and engagement tactics, or level up your B2B lead volume with targeted paid social campaigns.

4. campaign launch 🚀

Start growing your audience and collecting qualified leads with done-for-you campaigns.

Speak to a B2B social media strategist.

Schedule an actionable discovery session to get a proposal based on your budget and goals.

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audience growth services

Explore B2B social media marketing services for established brands looking to refresh content and empower employee advocacy. 💬

b2b social media content creation

Customers come to social media to escape life, laugh with friends, and learn new things. Where does your brand fit in? We’ll help you create content that serves your audience value in social-friendly formats—text, graphics, GIFs, and video—personalized to the platform.

b2b community management services

Build a personal connection with your customers (and those who should be). Our team can be tapped to monitor for issues, delight your customers, and spark conversations on social media platforms. All while embodying your bold, brand voice.

b2b influencer marketing services

Get in touch with the individuals that reach, entertain, and influence your customers. We’ll help your team identify key opinion leaders, establish new relationships, and plan campaigns that convert quality followers quickly.

b2b social media management services

Your team has a pulse on everything—our team can take something off their plates. We will take over concept planning, content calendaring, scheduling, publishing, and reporting in your platform of choice (we’re comfy in Sprout Social, Sprinklr, and most others).

revenue growth services

Explore B2B social media marketing services for sales-focused teams looking to acquire high-ticket leads and customers. 📈

paid social media services

Turn passive followers into active leads. Our team will setup campaigns, map custom audiences, produce ads that convert, and optimize for cost-per-desired action across paid advertising channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

social media analytics & reporting

Keep your team informed on what’s working and why. Each month and quarter our team will highlight campaign KPIs, top performers, and suggested actions.

social media training & consulting

Level up your marketing, sales, or talent attraction team with best practices and personalized tips. Our strategists will share helpful frameworks for individuals and brand accounts alike.

social media channel strategy

If social media is the new TV, think of platforms like changing channels. We’ll share how to customize your content and engagement tactics to connect naturally with customers on their preferred social apps.

Talk to a B2B social media strategist.

Walk away with 3-5 recommendations (or referrals if we’re not the right fit).

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customer-focused social media campaigns

As a HubSpot partner agency, the flywheel framework is hardwired in our process. We believe your B2B social media program performs best with a powerful CRM to connect the dots between the top-of-funnel content offers, retargeting conversion campaigns, and advocate-focused social media community management.

meet your b2b social media growth team

It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to grow in social—words and motion, data and planning. From strategy through execution, your new team covers the brand bases.

All campaigns are led by an Engagement Manager: equal parts social media strategist, growth consultant, and account superhero. They’re your go-to resource for all things paid and organic social media strategy and execution.


For a smaller sized agency, their level of talent is outstanding. They’re eager and able to learn quickly. They absorb every piece of information to form a clear and executable strategy.

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