Posted 12.02.2016 by Josh Krakauer

How to Convince Management Your Brand Needs Snapchat (in 15 Slides)

You're on Snapchat, your mom's on Snapchat, and your brand should be, too. This deck will help.

Snapchat. “Everybody’s doing it,” and you think your brand needs to be there (eventually). But first, you have to sell it to your boss (or team). Luckily for you, we’ve done all the leg work. You’re welcome.

Why Snapchat for your brand?

Since Snapchat started gaining popularity, brands have been attempting to find their place in the app. Once the best place for sending selfies to friends, the platform has become a preferred destination for in-the-moment, playful self-expression and daily news. With its huge demographic pull with a younger generation (86% of users are between the ages of 13-37), there is a treasure trove of opportunities to nurture two-way conversations with a connected consumer base. Snapchat has become a powerful mobile-first medium for customers to access your brand. Organizations around the world are using their phones to create authentic, behind-the-scenes and lightweight content that lives well in users’ feeds. Not only is it easy to get started, it can be inexpensive to reach users. Incorporating a Geofilter for your brand can start for as little as $5.

While your brand might already be active on Instagram, the rate at which users interact with Instagram stories versus Snapchat stories is about half. (Fall 2016)

How to convince your boss Snapchat is worth it

So, you’re sold on leveraging Snapchat for your brand marketing. Now you have the task of presenting it to upper management as the next social media platform they should invest in. We’ve created an adaptable presentation to arm yourself for a successful Snapchat pitch.

This deck won’t get you all of the way, but it will get you started. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Swipe it. Use the download link below.
  2. Brand it. Incorporate your branding, or leave it as is.
  3. Customize it. Add your own industry examples to help sell it. We recommend Delmondo’s newsletter for news and case studies on the regular.

Then tell us how it went. We’ll be updating the deck after major product updates and milestones. Though it will never get past 15 slides.

Without further ado, the presentation:

Download your customizable presentation deck here.

Go forth and champion Snapchat for your business.

Did you have success? What could we add to make this better? Let us know in the comments or contact form.

Maggie Martin

Maggie Martin combines her love of words and obsession with social media as an Engagement Manager. Her love of words and embarrassing number of moody diaries over the years led her to become a young adult author published by Macmillan

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