Brand Strategy Development

Arm your team with the tools and confidence to tell customers your brand story.

brand exploration process

When you’re looking to express your brand's personality with an identity that matches where your business is today, or want to completely re-think your image moving forward — we can help.

1) research & discovery

Our brand exploration process begins by familiarizing with your history, leadership, and customers, and identifying the most authentic parts of your story that differentiate you from competitors. We’ll explore questions like, what does it feel like to be a customer? What cultural trends influence their perception of your brand? What’s the brand’s personality?


2) brand development

Our team will define the look and feel of your brand with ownable assets. Project deliverables to bring the brand to life may include:

  • customer-centric story frameworks
  • voice and tone guides
  • brand mood boards
  • visual identity systems

The outcome for your business is a powerful strategic roadmap that makes it easier for your team to sell and for your customers to buy.

3) production & launch

First, we’ll produce all of the supporting assets you need to communicate the new brand offline and digitally—including announcement messaging and stylized content. If your goal is a bold entrance, we’ll develop and manage a 3-month social media and PR blitz to generate earned media, re-engage fans, and funnel in new customers.


snapshot: brand story framework

Can you articulate the heart and soul of your business? Does the message map to your customer’s desires? A compelling brand story is key to any good content strategy. Our Brand Strategist will develop a framework that presents your customer as the hero, and your brand as the guide—so that everyone in your company understands how to tell stories that resonate.


Is your visual identity aligned with your audience and goals?

let's brand together