Creative Production

Sculpting your brand's visual voice, one story at a time.

Brand Strategy

Our Brand Strategist will use our conversations about vision, mission, and values to clearly identify what your brand promises to deliver, what it stands for, and how it speaks. Among many deliverables, we’ll present the brand strategy in a guide your whole team can use.

Visual Brand ID

After a discovery and exploration phase, our team will define the look and feel of your brand with ownable assets. We’ll button up your brand with a fancy-pants document outlining how your identity comes to life across touchpoints, including color palette, chosen typefaces, proper logo usages, and examples.

Visual Content & Storytelling

Narrative-driven visual content helps audiences understand your brand's "who's, what's, and why's." Sculpt tailors visual content for distribution across your customer's favorite web and social platforms. We create thousands of assets for our clients each year.

Photo & Video

Sculpt brings stories to life through rich, product, human-centric, and behind-the-scenes photography and videography. We oversee and manage shoots from pre-production to publish using in-house resources and our network of talented friends.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Sculpt captures your consumers’ attention with engaging, short-form, motion graphics content. We excel at breaking down big ideas into snackable animated stories.

GIFs & Cinemagraphs

While Sculptrons can’t agree on a pronunciation (50% swear by “jiff”), we’re fluent in the format. Ask us for examples and we’ll show you some in action.

Is your visual identity aligned with your audience and goals?

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