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Data-driven startup meets creative-fueled marketing.


BlendCard provides a simple way to redeem deals and earn rewards while liberating your wallet from stacks of punch cards, gift cards, and coupons. As an early-stage startup entering a competitive space, cultivating a community of raving fans and partners matters. A lot.

our approach

As BlendCard’s multi-disciplinary marketing and creative arm, Sculpt supported the vision and goals of the marketing, product development, and leadership team. With two years of wins under our belt, BlendCard called us a strategic partner, not a vendor.

social media marketing

Sculpt launched BlendCard out of the gate through an aggressive, likable, social presence. Our first objective focused on small business partner acquisition, then shifted to user growth as partners poured in. We later supported both efforts through a variety of campaigns and efforts.

social contests

Social media contests keep our community delighted, and new users coming through.

email campaigns

Sculpt developed the weekly email program that welcomes the entire user base to our newest partners. We crafted beautiful, mobile-friendly templates to communicate with both sides of the marketplace, plus all of the content for many, many months.

creative production

Over the years, we designed hundreds of creatives across a myriad of mediums, from full-page print pieces to animated, mobile display ads.

There are a lot of firms you can hire for digital marketing, fewer who are really good at it, and only a special few who bring so much passion and energy to their work that they truly feel like a partner. Sculpt is an integral part of the BlendCard family.

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