Arlene Pieri

Head of Biz Ops

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Yes, she's taking this conference call in a national park.

We told her to write a bio on day one but instead she got to work crafting campaigns, setting goals, and exceeding client expectations. Hard to argue with that.

Arlene is a full-time traveler, dog lover, and Head of Business Operations and Performance at Sculpt. In addition to overseeing our service operations and Community Management and Paid teams, Arlene is a master of campaign management, serving as the liaison for our ad tech vendors, and overseeing the builds of our paid acquisition.

Previous to Sculpt, Arlene was the Performance Marketing Manager for a Bay Area med-tech company. Prior to that, Arlene worked in social media and digital marketing roles for a startup, franchise group, and then a large marketing agency.

Find her on the road, or parked somewhere scenic and warm.

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