We are Sculpt

Collaboration at our core. Interneting at its finest.

You may not know us, but you’ve probably heard our voice. Sculpt powers the social media marketing efforts for B2B brands medium and large, national and global.

a brief history

Sculpt launched in 2012 with the simple mission to help the brands in our backyard connect with their human customers more humanly. What started as a local social media management shop grew to the culture-driven, B2B marketing agency you know today.

our vision is human.

The Sculpt of the future trains your marketing team, empowers your sales team, and advises your leadership team—bringing our Hustle & Heart philosophy across the org chart. Also, everyone has a dog.

our mission is simple.

Connecting brands to the right humans more humanly. We’ll help you build a successful business leveraging the power of social.

our core values are sacred.

We look for humans with Hustle & Heart values. They’re growth-oriented doers with spark that care about quality, put humans first, and believe in we over me.

our position

We believe in agility, embrace change, and live our brands' missions everyday. If you appreciate customer-centered B2B marketing that blends strategy, creativity, and empathy, there's a good chance you'll love our team.

Once upon a time we all fit inside one office.

Meet the Sculptrons.

who we work with

Are we a fit? One of two goals will define our relationship.

We excel with clients who want to use social media to…

  1. Grow their audience and brand awareness
  2. Grow their revenue and close more deals

We’re careful about taking on clients that we know we can help grow. If we don’t think we can make a measurable impact, we’ll happily refer you to one of our partners who can.

Here are 3 things we look for when deciding if it’s a match.

established and growing brand

We’re amplifying your brand, not inventing it.

You have a clear brand identity and the resources and assets to support your growth.

clear business goals

We’re refining your goals, not defining them.

You bring clear business objectives to the table, plus past data to benchmark so we can hit the ground running.

infrastructure to succeed

We’re extending your team, not replacing it.

You have at least one marketing or sales point of contact. We provide the tools, experience, and guidance to level up your impact.

Sound like we’re a fit?

Let’s discuss how our team and plan can support your vision and goals.

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who we hire

Some of the humans you'll find at Sculpt.

engagement managers

Our engagement managers manage the client relationships and programs for brands of all sizes and specialties. We’re prepared to talk IT in the morning, commercial furniture after lunch. And love doing it.

creative producers

Our creatives have diverse backgrounds and a common goal: turning briefs into copy, videos, and campaigns that sell. Want to see something cool? Give them your brand guide, asset library, and a couple of days.

campaign managers

Our paid campaign managers own all things analytical. On a daily basis you’ll find them in the weeds of ad platforms—managing budgets, measuring impact, and optimizing for success.

social strategists

Our strategists live and breathe audience research, social listening, comm frameworks, and whatever tool will best explain where your brand should play—and where it shouldn’t.

We hold our Sculptrons to a higher standard, and you should too. Familiarize with a few of our faces:

Laurens Grisel

Senior Engagement Manager

Madelyn Pike

Manager of People Ops & Talent

Kristine Bowers

Senior Engagement Manager

Rita Zinger

Campaign Manager

Caroline Yablon

Content Specialist

Tomori Uriel

Content Marketing Manager

Raphael Karam

Senior Campaign Manager

Shae Luca

Head of Strategy

Kara Schlabaugh

Head of Creative

Blair Youngdahl

Social Media Community Manager

Molly O’Connor

Content Manager

Taylor Haley

Social Media Strategist

Gina Waters

Digital Engagement Manager

Natacha Kenol

Campaign Manager

Arlene Freudenberg

Head of Paid Media



Katelin Tiernan

Growth Advisor

Blue the Labradude

VP of Distractions

Pod Team

Our nationwide team of client-focused, creatives and campaign managers.

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