B2B Influencer Marketing Services

Sculpt manages full-lifecycle B2B influencer marketing campaigns from initial brief to final report.

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B2B Influencers & Creators: What's the Opportunity?

In modern social, the power is in the personal.

63% of people trust influencer insights more than what an organization says about itself.

With the expansion of the creator economy, internal and external content creators play a key role in influencing our target audiences.

  • They reach and access valuable buying groups and segments
  • They bring authority, expertise, and a unique POV that resonates
  • They address pain points and desires with authenticity in ways brands can’t
  • They can influence audiences throughout the buying journey and in specific channels

b2b influencer management services

Our strategists source creators and influencers that are a perfect match for your campaigns. Services include:

  • Influencer campaign strategy
  • Influencer identification
  • Influencer outreach & negotiation
  • Influencer contract development
  • Influencer campaign & content management
  • Influencer paid activation support
  • Influencer campaign reporting

While we’re platform agnostic, in 2022, 2023 and 2024 we sourced and activated influencers for B2B campaigns on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

our process

Our influencer programs are implemented in three phases.


  • Create detailed campaign briefs and establish budgets
  • Pitch concepts, develop  the strategic approach and align on KPIs
  • Identify guidelines and guardrails
  • Research potential partners, review their backgrounds, and align on brand fit
  • Navigate brand/legal review as necessary

outreach & negotiations

  • Initiate conversations with potential partners
  • Conduct intro calls with influencers and/or representation
  • Contract negotiation so we’re on the same page*
  • Finalize partnership agreements (you can use ours if preferred)

*Details matter. Terms like whitelisted advertising, usage, deliverables, timeline, payment terms, and timeline.

content & measurement

  • Support influencers before, during, and after content creation
  • Review content and suggest revisions for compliance and effectiveness
  • Oversee schedule of publishing
  • Reshare or repost content to primary social as allowed
  • Coordinate paid media on amplification (such as Spark Ads) or on client profiles
  • Collect metrics for reporting, then compile performance recap reports and summaries

SaaS Influencer Case Study: Confluence

The Brief: Atlassian’s Confluence asked us to reach decision makers during peak travel and vacation months with a smart product tie-in.

The approach: Our chosen influencers produced promotable TikToks and Reels demonstrating how they planned for OOO time with and without Confluence. After the initial publishing wave, we repurposed the content to launch our client’s TikTok & YouTube and ran ads to drive cold traffic to the client’s product pages rewarm key audiences.

Results: The short-term campaign exceeded KPIs (views, engagement, traffic), and the repurposed content series became the foundation of a newly launched TikTok account.


Talk to a B2B influencer strategist.

Starting at $20k per campaign. Schedule a discovery call and walk away with concrete recommendations (even if we’re not a fit).

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