Social Media Content Creation Services

Good content isn't good enough. Sculpt provides social media content creation services for brands that want remarkable results from their media investment.

social media content strategy

On a timeline crammed with generic posts from corporate logos, our team works with clients to post with purpose. Of course, words, pictures, and motion are the building blocks.

Photo & Graphic Assets

Hello, beautiful.

Our designers produce visual assets that build off established style guides or reimagine them altogether. Since stock has its limits, we push for original photography whenever possible—using our crew or sourced from your own customers.

Video Content Creation

No need to be camera shy.

We can repurpose long-form video assets into snackable clips, or produce original content series that hook your audience in.

Social Copywriting

Sound like your best self.

We’ll get to know your voice inside and out. We then apply that voice to tailored messages – from snappy bite-sized posts to long-form threads, posts, and ads that catch and hold attention.


social media production services

Need fresh assets? Let us worry about the process from pre-production to publish. We’ll scope out concepts that bring your people, products, and story to life on social.

B2B/B2C campaign snapshot

Before they were famous for being Almost Famous popcorn, Sculpt re-developed the brand story, produced batches of visual content to match it, and launched a fan-focused social media campaign so successful they had staff working overtime (sorry about that!).

The Facebook Messenger giveaway captured 300+ leads in 72 hours, and with a 31% conversion rate from subscribers to paying customers, generated a 350% return-on-ad-spend.


b2b social media content creation

We design B2B content that doesn't feel B2B. The kind that builds trust with buyers and empowers employees—tailored for each platform.

Organic Social Media Content Creation

Your audience wants what you’re selling, but that’s not why they follow your B2B brand. Organic social channels favor content that’s funny, useful, beautiful, and inspiring.

Our team can craft a social media content strategy with pillars of topics your audience love.

Paid Social Content Creation Services

Your buyer’s journey often begins with a single click. Paid social ads are a proven way to give your potential customers that friendly nudge in the right direction.

Our team can help you scale up your brand-building or lead gen campaigns with eye-catching creatives and compelling, clickable copy.

b2b instagram snapshot

M4 is a 3x Inc5000 winning B2B plastics firm. With design as a differentiator, maintaining a bold tone and inspired Instagram presence was key.

Who says manufacturing needs to be boring? Taking inspiration from the founder’s own aesthetic preferences, we updated M4’s visual brand identity—and weaved it through their Instagram.

For a smaller sized agency, their level of talent is outstanding. They’re eager and able to learn quickly. They absorb every piece of information to form a clear and executable strategy.

See more social media content examples in our capabilities deck 👇

social media channel strategy

One size does not fit all, so don't recycle the same content on all channels. When it comes to content production, think audience first, platform second, and creative specs third.


Instagram Content Creation Services

Picture your company.

People come to Instagram to learn, laugh, and dream, so your Instagram content strategy needs to be thoughtful. Consider the formats:

– Short-form vertical Stories with their own creative language
– Feed posts that form cohesive brand grids
– Live and longer video you can replay later (IGTV)

With your input, we’ll create eye-catching stories and posts that are worth a thousand words.

Facebook Content Creation Services

Keep fans in the loop.

Platforms come and go. Facebook has lasting power. We can help you get friendly with your Facebook supporters using organic content that still earns reach—like live streams, personal video, and events.

Is your presence mostly paid? No problem.We have been designing Facebook ads for 8 years and can skip right to the top-performing formats and elements.


LinkedIn Content Creation

Take your audience seriously.

On LinkedIn, your followers are invested in their career. We’ll produce content that elevates their status, solves their problems, and earns their trust. LinkedIn has its own set of rules (where else do PDFs perform well?). We’ll help you master them.

Twitter Content Creation Services

Start a conversation.

Lots of businesses flinch at the word Twitter—but that doesn’t have to be you. Together, we’ll tune your voice, find your niche, and produce content that sparks 1-to-1 conversations. High-performing tweets tend to be text-based, but a strong content strategy combines a variety of formats.


our process

1. get clarity

You get a clear understanding of how your company’s goals and audience’s needs can be met with compelling social media content.

2. create blueprint

You get a social media content blueprint that defines your content themes of focus with concrete examples and concepts.

3. produce content batches

You get monthly batches of timely, campaign, and evergreen content that’s tailored for your goal and channel.

social media content case study

MidWestOne Bank grew fast, and their social strategy fell behind. With outposts in five states, their social media content still reflected their local roots, and missed the mark with new audiences.

Our new social media content blueprint focused on four new themes, from financial literacy to powerful customer stories, and introduced cohesive visual attributes to reinforce their rebrand.

That contributed to a 332% increase in organic social engagement in Q2, YoY.

Most importantly, it drove positive sentiment from employees and customers alike.


They convey the “human” element incredibly well and deliver content that people really care about.

Schedule a social media content strategy session.

Course correct your social presence and start posting with purpose.

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social media content questions

Questions? Answers.

Do you need existing assets to make social media content?

The more written, image, and video assets you have of your products, services, people, process, and places, the easier it is to make branded content quickly. It’s helpful, but it’s not required. In many cases it’s important we’re not starting from scratch.

Option 1. Content Creation using your assets

If you give us the raw ingredients, we’ll create something awesome with them. It’s just like baking. Except with photo and video instead of eggs, flour, and sugar. And it’s online and doesn’t require an oven… Ok, so it’s nothing like baking. But the results are still *chef’s kiss*

Option 2. Content creation starting from scratch.

No assets? No problem.

We work with talented designers and writers who can build your content library from the ground up. Whether it’s scroll-stopping ads that convert or organic posts that turns passive followers into hardcore fans, we’ll turn your vision into reality.

How much does social media content creation services cost?

No matter where you source social media content, expect a flat rate for a monthly allotment of deliverables, or a larger project fee for a custom production batch.

Our social media content creation scopes include a mix of image, graphic, and video assets formatted for every channel its posted. Like everything else about your partnership with us, pricing will be tailored to your needs, and not a drop more. Generally, social media engagements start at $5k a month. Check out our pricing page for more specifics, and reach out for a guide.