Social Media Marketing Services That Drive Engagement & Sales

Sculpt builds social media marketing programs that amplify your reach and convert fans into buyers.

Picture this: an experienced team, following a proven process, armed with top-tier tools, and a killer social media strategy framework. How fast could your business grow?

Now imagine taking an extra 10 hours per week of planning, producing, and publishing off your plate. What would you accomplish instead? 🤔

Let’s find out.

Sculpt takes the responsibility of building an audience that cares, shares, and converts off your plate—and puts it on ours. Expect social media marketing that tells your story, ignites conversation with customers, and connects content to your business goals.


social media agency services for serious growth

Hands-on social media marketing to hit your 2019 goals.

Our social media management engagements include all of the elements of a successful social media strategy:

  • Audience analysis and brand story mapping
  • Social media channel and content planning
  • Content production and scheduling
  • Daily community management
  • Paid social advertising campaigns
  • Consistent reporting on results and KPIs

Learn more about our services below, or skip ahead to pricing. (No judgement.)

strategy and discovery

Sculpt conducts a deeper audit of your existing content, competitors’ strategy, audience segments, and channel opportunities. Armed with our research and your vision and goals, we’ll co-design a roadmap for building an audience that cares, shares, and convert.

community management

With a strategy articulated, it’s time to put the plan into action. Our program covers all day-to-day digital activities used to cultivate community value, like proactive following and timely responses.

content production

Sculpt produces visual content tailored to the nuances of each social platform. Our designers generate thumb-stopping images, graphics, and videos that turn your fans into customers, and customers into fans.

account communication

We connect once, twice, or four times a month to discuss progress, performance, and recommendations. Our huddles touch upon quantifiable results and qualitative feedback.

ads and amplification

Our paid social programs are planned to the penny by our Digital Strategists. While most of our clients’ budgets are spent in Facebook, we’re prepared to optimize campaigns across the social landscape (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).

measurement and reporting

To track success across platforms and programs, we almost certainly have an analytics and dashboarding tool to keep us accountable to your goals. Our impact reports hit your inbox monthly or quarterly, though we’ll always share insights faster if you ask.

Get a social media marketing scope customized for you.

Schedule a discovery session to learn how social could amplify awareness, engagement, and sales.

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instagram snapshot

M4 is a 2x Inc5000 winning B2B plastics firm. With design as a differentiator, maintaining a bold tone and inspired Instagram presence was key.

Who says manufacturing needs to be boring? Taking inspiration from the founder’s own aesthetic preferences, we updated M4’s visual brand identity—and weaved it through their Instagram.

For a smaller sized agency, their level of talent is outstanding. They’re eager and able to learn quickly. They absorb every piece of information to form a clear and executable strategy.

social media content strategy

Show, don't just tell. We design content that stops thumbs and drives action—tailored for each of your customer's favorite social media channels.

Photo & Video

Images produce 650% higher engagement than text posts.  We’ll oversee and manage shoots from pre-production to publish that bring your people, product, and story to life on social.`

Animation & Motion Graphics

Sculpt captures your consumers’ attention with engaging, short-form, motion graphics content. We excel at breaking down big ideas into “snackable” animated stories.

GIFs & Cinemagraphs

While Sculptrons can’t agree on a pronunciation (50% swear by “jiff”), we’re fluent in the format. Ask us for examples and we’ll show you some in action.

campaign snapshot

Before they were famous for being Almost Famous popcorn, Sculpt re-developed the brand story, produced batches of visual content, and launched a fan-focused social media campaign so successful they had staff working overtime (sorry about that!).

Our Facebook Messenger giveaway captured 300+ leads in 72 hours, and with a 31% conversion rate from subscribers to paying customers, generated a 350% return-on-ad-spend.


See more recent visual content our team produced 👇

meet your team

It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to grow in social—words and motion, data and planning. From strategy through execution, your new team covers the brand bases.

engagement manager

Equal parts social media manager, client consultant, and account superhero, our engagement managers become your go-to resource for all things social strategy and execution.

communication designer

Our creatives are makers of things, takers of pictures. From story-based video to lead generating link posts, our designers will drive your audience to action through compelling visuals.

digital strategist

What’s the purpose of great content if your audience never sees it? Your digital strategist amplifies your marketing message to the right people, at the right time.

how much does it cost to outsource social media marketing?

Naturally, it depends. Here's why.

pricing considerations

Sculpt structures our flexible scope, B2B social media marketing programs with a flat monthly fee based on a post-discovery assessment of goals and opportunities. Every agreement is tailored to meet your unique needs and expectations. We won’t give you an estimate without getting to know you and your brand first.

social media management pricing

Our pricing scales up and down based on your goals (audience growth vs. conversions), publishing frequency, communication cadence, content complexity, channel strategy, community management needs, and total ad spend managed. Social media engagements can range from $3-5K/mo for content and advertising, to $8 – 13K/mo to onboard our team as yours.

We will present a custom scope based on your budget, and walk you through the options.

*Out of your price range? Contact us to be connected to our startup-friendly partners.

social media consulting pricing

If your in-house team is looking for expert guidance, our experienced Strategists can provide the direction you need. Social media training programs are priced by the project and designed to solve specific challenges. Social media consulting programs are delivered as personalized presentations, with monthly coaching and workshops afterwards. A social media strategy program that includes a brand assessment and new foundation may range from $3-10k for the initial project phases, and $1-3K for ongoing sessions and content support per month.

social media campaign pricing

Sculpt clients may only need us for a short period to hit a specific, ambitious, measurable goal. Managed social media campaigns include all of the research, planning, creative production, ad management, account management, and accountability of a full-time social team for a fixed period. Most campaigns start between $8-20K for a three-month engagement, plus ad spend.

how does social media scoping work?

Consistent with our Agile marketing process we use a point-based scoping model. Every single deliverable in a month-long sprint has a point total estimated. Each point takes into account its estimated time, complexity, and value to the client. The best part? We’re focused on outcomes, not hours.


Request a personalized quote based on your specific goals.

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The team is phenomenal and it was as if we were their #1 priority–I cannot say enough about their professionalism and knowledge of their craft that they bring to the table.

frequently asked questions

Are we a good fit to work together?

Our first step starts with a pre-call social media discovery questions survey.

Why is social media important for B2B companies?

75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions, and the logic checks out. Business-to-business is humans selling to humans. (The key is reaching the right ones.) On social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook, you’re building relationships with customers and prospects every single day.

You’re driving awareness before they establish solutions to their problems. You’re educating them on ways to grow their business. And you’re giving them reason to refer you.