Social Media Marketing Services for Humans at B2B Brands

How we win fans, stop thumbs, define brands, and drive growth (without cheap 'hacks').

Business leaders used to look at social media marketing as “get an intern for it” work.

That was a big mistake.

Social media marketing is how you and your execs stay in front of your best customers, every day.

It’s where audience feedback comes fast with robust analytics.

B2B social media marketing done right fills the top of the funnel, brings you closer to target accounts, and builds memorable brands.

We’re Sculpt. And we believe in B2B social media marketing marketing the right way.

Here’s how we can help. 👇

If you’re looking for a B2B-adept social media marketing agency that can….

Steer your paid acquisition strategy →

We’ll launch paid social campaigns that convert visitors into buyers.

Make social media work smarter for your brand →

We’ll fill in execution gaps, realign your content strategy, and train your executives to be a part of it.

Create content that makes prospects take notice →

We’ll level up your content series in any format — from short-form TikTok to episodic.

Which path is right for you? Schedule a call to pick our brains.

Walk away with 3-5 recommendations (or referrals if we’re not the right fit).

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1) Grow your audience, reach, and brand advocates.

Arm your advocates with thought leadership content and grow your brand awareness across the most valuable social media platforms of 2023.

b2b social media services

Have big goals and a small team? Meet your brand’s secret weapon for paid and organic social.

social media strategy & consulting

Is TikTok worth your time? Are you fully leveraging LinkedIn? We’ll keep your finger on the pulse of emerging growth opportunities through hands-on training, team education, and strategy development.

social media community management

Daily content planning, audience growth, social listening, and community engagement can be overwhelming, and worst of all, time consuming. Let Sculpt do the heavy lifting.

paid social campaigns

To thrive in a “pay-to-play” world, Sculpt builds, manages, and optimizes social ad campaigns that amplify awareness, consideration, and conversions across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

social media content services

Whether you want to reach new fans or convert cold traffic to warm leads, your top-of-funnel requires killer content optimized for the channel its displayed.

social content strategy

After a discovery and exploration phase, our team will re-invigorate the look, feel, aim, and direction of your brand’s content strategy (across all platforms).

visual content production

Thumb-stopping graphics, ‘Insta-worthy’ photos, and short-form video production. Sculpt tailors visual content for distribution across your customer’s favorite web and social platforms.


case study: allsteel →

Allsteel is one of the leading office furniture brands in the world. A handful of their competitors claim that, too. To amplify awareness, we doubled down on social as a primary channel to reach their most valuable audience — designers, dealers, and workplace leaders — with inspiring ideas for office innovation. It worked. Allsteel acquired 19,163 new fans on Facebook (3-yr), and ratcheted up post engagement 655% on Instagram (YoY) — building up critical channels to funnel targeted leads.

They produced great creative with analytics to match. They knew exactly what our company needed for growth.

2) Grow your pipeline and close more deals.

Sculpt drives qualified buyers through the path-to-purchase with paid social & search campaigns.

proven b2b marketing process

Sculpt believes in growth the old fashioned way: driving new sales from new and past customers, while freeing up more of your capacity. Following a proven process, we'll identify the holes in your funnel, dial in paid acquisition campaigns, and work with your team on lead followups.

1. opportunity assessment

We conduct a marketing funnel assessment and paid-traffic readiness audit—diving deep into where your gaps are, what your “quick wins” could be, and where your greatest potential to grow is.

2. strategy foundation

We take about 30 days to set up conversion tracking, establish deliverables, create content briefs, and plan assets. We’ll work with your team hand-in-hand to establish an acquisition marketing plan that’s successful and sustainable.

3. collect qualified leads

We build and launch a paid social acquisition campaign plan that speak to your customer’s desires, and starts collecting qualified leads.

4. optimize campaigns

We dial in and double your qualified leads over the next 3 months through a process of A/B testing your ads, audiences, lead forms, and offers. At this checkpoint, we discuss transferring our system to your team and expanding to the next revenue opportunity.

5. scale results with your team

We’ll serve as an on-demand resource for ideas and execution alongside your team as we focus on finding your next big win.


case study: 200% more leads & counting →

Economic Developer ICR Iowa tapped Sculpt to lead an ambitious digital talent attraction campaign. After creating spokesperson-style hero videos, we launched Facebook conversion ads tied to a sequenced email sequence in HubSpot. We passed our six-month goal in three months while increasing lead quality, and show no signs of slowing down. See an ad example.

Ready to double your marketing qualified leads in 2023?

We’ll show you how we do it. Schedule a no-commitment discovery session.

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Review more case studies in our capabilities deck 👇

flexible content scopes

Want content and ads that outperform your baseline? Our flexible scope agreements allow us to test a variety of content types and learn what works best. To make planning easy, we use a credit/point-based scope and pricing model to ensure you get the best value outside of rigid hourly retainers.

points-based pricing

Every single content deliverable we plan has a fixed value assigned. When demand changes, we can re-allocate those points. No change order necessary. Learn more about our social media pricing.

monthly sprint plans

Our teams distribute points throughout the month in the form of four-week content plans. Each content sprint has an agreed amount of content deliverables we want to complete to serve you best.


meet your agile marketing team

Each day brings a new tweak, test, and tactic to the big social media platforms. Imagine if your team was always on top of it? By adopting an agile framework to our social media marketing workflow, we learn constantly, adapt to changes quickly, and improve every single day.

what we don't do

As important to what we do is what we won't. Sculpt connects clients to our network of trusted partners for services outside of our core focus.

web development

Need a refresh that converts well, incorporates your brand, and checks every SEO box? We’ll refer you to our go-to web design and dev firm for any budget.

traditional media & PR

Successful integrated campaigns require cohesive messaging across channels. We work alongside media planners for our clients social campaigns, but we stay in our lane.

small design projects

We invest considerable time in understanding our clients’ brands and building long-term relationships. When one-off graphic design work is all you need, we happily refer to project-based partners. *The exception being an existing client.

We couldn’t have done it without a cohesive social marketing plan. We couldn’t have done it without Sculpt.

Let’s talk about your 2023 growth goals.

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