Social Media Community Management Services for B2B Brands

From customer care to driving conversations in your space, Sculpt manages your entire social media community presence.

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When your audience talks, respond with authority.

In the world of modern B2B social media, what separates the good from the great is community management.

Social media community management at its core is simple: creating and nurturing relationships with your audience. Why bother? Community management done well translates 1:1 interactions into 1:many earned reach.

Sculpt community management services help you go beyond simple responses by:

  • Increasing reach and share-of-voice without just posting more content
  • Improving the engagement rate on your owned content
  • Finding hidden pockets of customer conversation
  • Delighting customers and creating advocates
  • Delivering exceptional customer service

Sculpt manages proactive and reactive community engagement services everywhere your audience lives, especially:

LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

social media management services

Our community managers become yours — taking over social listening, brand replies, and publishing.

Proactive Community Management Services

At Sculpt we have a saying: The comment is the content. Proactive engagement builds your visibility and authority within a category or community. Using social listening tools, we’ll source and interact with prominent creators and trending conversations around your industry topic.

Reactive Community Management Services

Reactive is key to brand reputation management. Count on Sculpt to moderate and manage all social mentions of your company across social including direct messages, brand mentions, and comments on owned posts.

Content Publishing, Scheduling, Tagging Services

Give us the green light and we’ll take over the daily, weekly, monthly scheduling and publishing your content. Plus, we’ll properly tag each post so we can report back insights at the content level.

Account-based Engagement Services (ABM)

Account-based Marketing goes beyond advertising. We take a more personalized approach to community management by targeting high-value brands or thought leaders. The goal is to personalize our engagement so we’re staying in front of your target accounts.

Community Management Case Study: Remote

The brief: offers global employment of record (EOR) services to help businesses onboard, offer benefits, and pay workers around the world. Before its partnership with Sculpt, Remote was active everywhere, but trying to find new ways to position itself as a thought leader in a competitive category.

The approach: Find the conversation, drive the conversation. Every day brings a new trending post in the #RemoteWork topic. Savvy creators add their thoughts in the comments and benefit from earned reach. Where were the brands? Enter: Remote. Sculpt paired new content pillars with proactive engagement strategies that connected Remote to global communities of remote professionals, including influencers, customers, and advocates.

When a timely, topical post made a splash on the platform, we helped Remote ride the wave in the comments. After responding to hundreds of posts — the community took notice.

The result: North of 78,000 new LinkedIn followers, a 36% lift in monthly average LinkedIn interactions, and more than 6,700 engagements (comments, reactions) earned from proactive replies in 6 months.


Community Management Case Study: Confluence

The brief: Confluence by Atlassian was already a leading platform among IT teams when they came to Sculpt. The opportunity? Become synonymous with effective collaboration — especially for remote teams — and generate brand awareness among knowledge workers across the enterprise (product, marketing, and beyond).

The approach: Sculpt crafted a robust engagement strategy for Confluence on LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok. Through powerful comments, Confluence advocated for better team collaboration, and of course, bringing Confluence in to make it happen.

The result: Triple-digit net audience growth and 4,200+ earned engagements from proactive replies in 9 months (representing hundreds of thousands of additional brand impressions). Plus lots of brand love and support from users in the comments, affirming their position in the market.

Request a community management proposal based on your specific goals.

As a next step, we’ll host an actionable discovery session and share scope of work options.

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how much does community management cost?

Our social media community management services grow with you. Learn more about scopes and pricing.

proactive engagement pricing

Services cover the ongoing sourcing of proactive engagement opportunities to amplify your share-of-voice, including:

  • Monitoring key topics daily on multiple channels
  • Drafting responses and reactions to drive engagement
  • Publishing responses within 12-24 hours of client approval
  • Managing response tracker including copy approvals and reporting on success

Pricing ranges from $1 – 8k/mo based on the volume of interactions and chosen channels.

reactive engagement pricing

Services covers the ongoing support for reactive brand management including:

  • Monitoring for (tagged/untagged) brand mentions in Sprout Social, Sprinklr, or the platform of your preference
  • Triaging customer support questions, or handing off to the CS team and product experts as needed
  • Account management between 1-3x/day to ensure timely responses during weekday coverage
  • Responding to comments/questions on all inbound posts according to response guidelines

Pricing ranges from $1 – 10k/mo based on the expected number of mentions, response time, and chosen platform.

choose your tiered support level

We scope community management packages based on five maturity levels, L1 - L5.

  • L1: Community Maintenance – Ideal for clients who are keeping the lights on with their social media presence and receive minimal messages/interactions.
  • L2: Community Starter – Ideal for clients who receive regular interactions on content and desire a boost in engagement.
  • L3: Engagement Booster – Ideal for clients with active brand mentions and growing social media communities looking to get more strategic and amplify their impact further.
  • L4: Community Catalyst – Ideal for clients with a substantial social media presence that have a high volume of earned mentions from a large audience and want to generate more interaction to drive SOV over competitors.
  • L5: Always-On Enterprise – Ideal for clients with a global presence, a high volume of customers that use social for customer care, and are managing multiple brand accounts on multiple channels.

Their creativity, can-do attitude and willingness to do whatever it took to make things successful impressed us.