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Organic reach isn’t dead, but it’s a unicorn for most B2B brands.

In 2021, paid social is more important than ever. Your buyer’s journey often starts with an ad, so it’s critical you build a foundation of conversion tracking, compelling offers, first-party audiences, and scalable content.

That’s where we come in.

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Our clients use paid social media to reach prospects, inspire their advocates, and close more deals. Where should we start?

scale up our audience (brand)

Need to reach and activate your customers, employees, and prospects? If they don’t see your message, they won’t share it. We’ll build brand-building, sponsored content campaigns that help you get more bang for every buck spent on organic social assets.

book meetings & close deals (performance)

Need to ramp up a new customer acquisition channel and double MQLs within 3-6 months? We’ll launch cross-channel conversion campaigns that sync with your CRM, and share performance reports that make you look like a hero.

paid social media strategy

In our first 100 days together, you'll start booking meetings with qualified leads from a paid social acquisition funnel focused on your most valuable customer profile.

1. audit and opportunities

Uncover the holes in your paid acquisition funnel. In our 2-week assessment we’ll map the customer value journey map, audit your ads, evaluate your offer, and share our findings.

2. clarity and goals

How will we measure brand awareness? What’s a reasonable CPL in 3-months? After discussions on personas and goals, we will agree on the targets for paid social campaigns.

3. campaign strategy

We’ll present a paid acquisition campaign strategy focused on your most valuable prospects and offer. We’ll also confirm conversion tracking and CRM integrations fire properly.

4. campaign launch

We launch prospecting and retargeting campaigns in two primary channels to get quick wins, then use insights from our campaign analytics dashboards to improve results, week-after-week.

Speak with a paid social media strategist.

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which channels do we support?

We manage most B2B paid social campaigns on three primary platforms (with the biggest potential for quality lead volume). When you're ready to scale past them, we have ideas...

b2b facebook ads

There are no shortage of quick wins on Facebook: Retarget past customers with lead forms? Nurture leads with video? Amplify articles to advocates? Check, check, check.

b2b linkedin ads

Reach decision-makers, target job seekers, and capture high quality leads from the most robust database of professionals in the world. Expect higher average CPCs and higher caliber leads.

b2b instagram ads

B2B buyers use Instagram like the rest of us—to get better, get inspired, and get away for a second. We’ll position your brand in front of key prospects with content they’ll appreciate.

facebook ad optimization

Facebook is one of the largest advertising opportunities for brands — on or off social — and the competition is stiffer than ever. So, how do you build the right ads and send them to the right people without wasting valuable time and dollars on A/B testing?

At Sculpt, our team of digital experts use industry trends and an AI-powered analytics tool to help build and optimize your Facebook ads to perform at or better than your target CPR before you launch by predicting creative performance with greater than 95% accuracy.

develop strategy

Sculpt uses AI technology to analyze over 2900 creative dimensions to decrypt and predict winning digital ad combinations before you spend a single dollar — reducing marketing costs and saving hours in creative production time.

build + launch campaigns

The right creative, the right copy, the right ad — every time. With a predictive model that works by analyzing over 150 billion impressions and millions of ads running on Facebook, we’ll help you skip the guesswork and testing and move straight to proven results.

evolve ads

Deeper creative analytics means deeper understanding of your audience. Our team uses AI to help us interpret why top creative performs so well, giving us the insights we need to evolve the creative for your campaigns throughout our partnership.

get results

No more watching CPRs climb over the course of a campaign. Once your ads are published, our team monitors daily using AI to help optimize your ads with confidence using insights that lift performance by 21% on average.

Have questions about your ad campaign? Sculpt can answer them.

case study: 500+ Facebook leads

Economic Development group ICR IOWA tapped Sculpt to generate candidate leads for an ambitious new program. We created a Facebook-based acquisition funnel that leveraged a series of playful hero videos to sell their offer. Through iterative testing we dropped CPLs below $20, hit our six-month target in three months, and their end-of-year goal under budget.


Talk to a paid social media strategist.

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We’ve passed our six-month goal in three months and show no signs of slowing down. Additionally, the leads that we’re getting are more qualified than ever before.


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frequently asked questions about paid social

We know what you're thinking.

Am I a good fit for paid social media advertising?

Paid social is a powerful channel to drive targeted B2B leads. However, it’s rarely the first, only, or cheapest channel you should use to acquire customers.

We have found a few factors that make us a good fit to work together on performance-based paid social campaigns:

  1. At least one marketing team member to serve as liaison
  2. A clear understanding of customer acquisition cost and revenue goals
  3. A sales process and team to close marketing-generated leads
  4. A CRM to track and nurture leads (or willingness to use HubSpot)
  5. A website that can convert leads and generates organic traffic
  6. A customer lifetime value or average deal above $5000
  7. Pre-existing assets and offer(s) we can repurpose for social ads
  8. Historical social media and traffic data we can analyze

Does that sound like you? Get a proposal from a paid social strategist.

How long are your contracts?

Clients review paid social goals, budgets, and overall performance on a quarterly basis. We ask for a six-month commitment to setup ad infrastructure properly, gather baseline data, and complete two campaign cycles. We understand you need results fast and we can typically launch campaigns quickly by repurposing your existing assets.

How much should I budget for paid social media ads?

According to Gartner’s 2019 CMO survey, marketers allocated 26% of their budgets towards paid media, and spent 22% on agency fees. Your paid media budget should be calculated based on the goals it’s supporting and your projected ROI. You will need a clear understanding of how many leads and customers you need to generate each quarter, their annual revenue or lifetime value, and your expected conversion rate from lead-to-close.

For paid social budgets under $15,000 per month, our fees begin at $3500/mo. Our scope of works include everything you need to book more leads from paid social including ad creative production, offer testing, data syncs, campaign builds, aggregate and ad-level reporting, and conversion funnel consulting. You can explore our social media pricing page for more options.

Do you offer paid social training?

If you’re looking to bring your in-house team up-to-speed with paid platforms our Engagement Managers can provide the direction they need. In a typical three-month engagement, we’ll launch a campaign together, walk through optimization steps, review campaign performance, and provide tips along the way. Deliverables might include instructional content in the form of ad creative templates, personalized channel strategy workshops, and best practices briefs.

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