Raphael Karam

Senior Campaign Manager

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meet raphael

Yes, he's using the socratic method to come up with tests for campaigns.

Raphael is a full-time reader, cinema lover, and Senior Campaign Manager at Sculpt. With several years split between selling both offline and online, Raphael can’t hold the urge to deep dive into paid media data to come up with optimizations and drive up ROAS.

Previous to Sculpt, Raphael was a Media Buyer freelancer with clients from all over the globe. Prior to that, he was the Growth & Performance Leader in LATAM’s biggest Sales & Marketing Headhunting firm, which helped him craft his B2B Marketing skills.

In his free time you will probably find him immersed in culinary experiences, reading philosophy books or contemplating the meaning of life and existence. Good thing coffee pairs well with all three.

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