Ag Real Estate Conference - Driving Event Ticket Sales with Social Media

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Using paid and organic social to position Land Expo as the must-attend conference for the global Ag real estate world.


The Land Investment Expo is the nation’s premier agriculture real estate conference, bringing together the brightest minds and biggest names from around the world — including T. Boone Pickens, Steve Eisman, and the “Political Odd Couple” — to discuss in-depth topics related to the economy, environment, investment, sustainability, and regulatory compliance.


Land Expo-host Peoples Company came to us in advance of the conference’s 10-year anniversary in need of digital marketing support to drive ticket sales, expanding their already successful growth in the past decade.

In order to achieve this, our efforts were focused on 1) driving awareness amongst ag investors and other industry professionals, 2) converting interest into traffic to the Expo microsite, 3) establishing tracking methods to help them gain insight into their marketing funnel, and 4) converting that traffic into registrations for the 2017 Expo.

our approach

campaign structure

Informed by audience research, our content strategy echoed the customer’s decision-making process when making a purchase that includes a full-day commitment away from the office and financial investment. We started with awareness building, focusing on proof points that reinforce the quality of the conference, and incited quick action by leveraging the early-bird deadline. As we began to retarget the audiences with initial interest, we included social proof from past attendees and new speakers, validating the conference’s value and creating a sense of urgency before registration closing.

targeting & content strategy

We leveraged an existing audience and content library as the foundation of the campaign. The previous year’s photo/video assets were ‘remixed’ into visual content for direct response and audience building campaigns. A combo of custom audiences created from email databases and key registration pages were used to bring returning prospects further into the funnel.

on-site engagement

To expand awareness and interest to future attendees, Sculpt deployed an on-site team member to capture the sights and sounds of #LandExpo and share live across social media the day of the conference. Pairing real-time professional photography and thematic graphic templates designed remotely from Sculpt HQ, we were able to create an online presence for Land Expo that reflected the quality and professionalism of the conference experience.

our results

Our social media campaign accounted for a little more than 25% of all the unique users who visited the Land Expo website leading up to the event, and assisted in 43% of the total ticket sales. The day of the conference, our social execution live from the conference floor resulted in a 113% increase in engagement on Twitter compared to the previous year’s event.

our impact

Peoples Company added another successful Land Investment Expo to their roster and achieved their goal of expanding the conference attendance and audience. With eye-catching creative and insight shared from keynote speakers, the online content matched the caliber and professionalism of the conference, and brought new people into their network for future engagement.

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