Posted 01.31.2017 by Maggie Martin

Hey Everybody, Meet Katelin

Meet our Digital Content Strategist, Katelin (and her adorable bunny, Indie).

Posted 01.20.2017 by Jonah Terry

4 Tips To Captive Audiences with Animated Social Media Content

Keep these four things in mind when it comes to animated social media content.

Posted 01.10.2017 by Maggie Martin

How To Start Your Social Media Team on Sprint Planning

The success of Agile within your social media team hinges on planning tasks effectively.

Posted 12.02.2016 by Maggie Martin

How to Convince Management Your Brand Needs Snapchat (in 15 Slides)

You're on Snapchat, your mom's on Snapchat, and your brand should be, too. This deck will help.

Posted 11.03.2016 by Emily McMahon

You’re Hired! 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Getting the Job at Sculpt

Keep these tips in mind.

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Making Sculpt Reviews More Transparent with

For years we stuck to feedback forms that helped tremendously, but never saw the light of day. That’s where Clutch came in.

The Social Media Marketer's Guide to Agile Methodology

Agile social media marketing helps teams create attainable goals and repeatable processes so they can test, learn, and grow quicker. Here's how it works.

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