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45 Social Media Content Examples for 2023 (Paid & Organic)

Looking for social media content ideas? We’ve curated 45 examples of great social media content below.

The best place to get good social media content ideas is directly from the playbooks of the pros. That’s why we’ve put together some of the best posts, ads, and accounts for you to peruse.

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Organic Social Media Examples

1. Sculpt- Distilling Large Ideas for Social

People listen to their friends, colleagues, and community members when making sales decisions. Sculpt understands that and passes the message effectively in this simple yet colorful post.


What did Sculpt do so well about this post?

Copy: The copy is adventurous, and we love that it seeks to onboard organizations or CEOs who haven’t considered Employee advocacy.
The copy leverages slides, and LinkedIn only makes it more compelling with this feature. In a colorful appeal, dominated by green, the audience’s eyes feel at ease and can read through every critical step in starting the practice.

Content: Not giving all there is, yet enough to get the decision-makers to rethink, WeAreSculpt’s content shows authority without much talk.

Engaging and converting contents are typically sharp, multidimensional, and people-focused.
This post provides additional communication with infographics, and this helped to understand the message better.

Creative: The post approaches the issue from a neutral yet compelling angle. Since there is no exact industry, brand, or company type that cannot leverage employee advocacy, the post is simple, impressively readable, and communicative.

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2. HubSpot – Timely, Relatable Content

HubSpot never misses. In this post, they leverage several content marketing practices that we can’t help but admire.


What we love about the post:

Creative: HubSpot came in with a captivating rage, which sure worked on most of its audience. Questions are always catchy, and matching a compelling caption with resourceful graphics is powerful.

Copy: The copy is all shades of “personal” and “points.” Copies that emphasize what readers gain are more successful. The post categorically mentions the reader’s life and business and gives relatable points in a visually compelling way. What’s more awesome? Starting with a captivating question and ending with an engaging one, the copy asks the audience about their take and what applies to them. This puts the reader in the engagement mode – one of the ultimate goals of a copy.

Content: The post didn’t target only the corporate field. It considers the reader’s personal life and seeks to grow their Business almost equally. This is exemplary as it shows that the brand understands the different needs of its audience, among which are business and personal life growth.

3. Shopify – Using Existing Assets

There’s a resonating engagement with services that leverage existing assets. Shopify’s content strategy is full of surprises, and the audience isn’t ready for it.


Creative: Shopify is leveraging existing assets, being creators, to boost the satisfaction of its audience.

We love that this idea is human-centric and has no limit to how much sales and recognition it can drive for Shopify users. That’s awesome, but other creatives may find the copy more intriguing. What’s there?

Copy: Kickstarting the audio-visual content with happy faces and an engaging background sound, Shopify lights has us wondering what pops up next. It’s a market-oriented fact that the audience can relate to – hardship in finding new customers. The video and post text sync, and the audience can find the critical keywords labeled around the post: Shopify collabs for Merchants.

Content: This post is one of several unique angles to increase user satisfaction. The content shows that Shopify understands the audience’s pain point and is helping them by leveraging existing assets to improve their sales and reach.

4. Taboola – Putting a New Spin on Slideshow Videos

Taboola takes a different approach to resound its efficiency to its audience. Picking on a product, Taboola reminds us of the unrivaled power of no-sound video ads.

What we love about the post:

Creative: Video ads are gaining more popularity in the social media strategy space. Especially suitable for its Do Not Disturb audience, you don’t need to use the volume key to scoop the content of this post. With compelling graphics, mouth-watering images, and a sprinkle of social proof, here is an orientation of the copy.

Copy: The text and video-based copy call attention to the platform’s strength. It unanimously informs the audience of what they stand to gain by leveraging Taboola. The team leverages social proof by using figures, which may switch on the interest button of potential users.

Content: The post comes in with a season, and that’s pretty much relatable. It further holds the reader’s interest with a clear, no-sound video showing the product’s impressive performance on their network. Quite encouraging!

5. Hootsuite – Finding Creative Ways to Engage

Social media posts can be as much fun as educating. Hootsuite creatively relates this while marketing itself. We tried not to laugh too hard and couldn’t help but notice the strategic moves in this post.


What we love about it:

Creative: This post is nothing short of creative communication. It teaches the audience tips on the job (writing) and the common mistakes to avoid.

The post uses slides, and it’s more compelling to find that the perfect job fits neatly into a slide.

Copy: Using a captivating introduction, the post steals the attention of HRs and organizations. Communication is critical, and we don’t have to wait for the pros to handle the basics. We love how the post singles out errors without necessarily making a mess of the slides.

6. Shipt – Highlighting Humans (Part 1): Team Member Spotlight

The human angle will always matter in Social Media Strategy. Shipt understands this and leverages humans as recipients and facilitators of its services.

Here is what we love about the post:

Creative: Using just two frames tells the simplicity of this post. Humanity resonates with it, as evident in the text and graphics.

Copy: The text welcomes us into what Shipt is doing to improve humanity in partnership with the highest reputable authority- the government. It goes further to show its moves in an easy-to-follow graphical illustration.

Content: The post banks on the conference to announce a part of its multidimensional service to shoppers. In doing this, the message scores two points – calls attention to Shipt’s Corporate Social Responsibility and boosts brand reputation.

7. HubSpot – Highlighting Humans (Part 2): Employee Takeover

We love strategies that create space for humanity. HubSpot lets us know it’s not all about conversions and monetary gains but human growth and development, even in-house.

What we love about the post:

Copy: The copy is straightforward, and we can see humanity around it. It communicates HubSpot’s weight and investment in its Engineers, but what’s more intriguing is how the copy promotes Built-in as a career grooming brand while hinting at the work culture at HubSpot. Awesome!

Content: We can say HubSpot knows the attention-grabbing game too well. Leveraging the “question intro” again, this post’s content steals the audience’s attention. It lands them onto a new entity they probably weren’t expecting to be featured – BuiltIn. This is a people-focused post; we love that it has a male and female figure, just enough to tell a workplace vibe.

8. Gary Vee – Using Image Text to Drive Traffic

Gary tells us image text can be a captivating communication strategy. But this particular post is not ordinary. We singled out its uniqueness and its all shades of engagement.

Creative: Image-text posts are unique in their way. The post uses a human image and a textual guide that prompts the audience to read. Every key message is accessible at a glance with a straightforward pathway to the video resource.

Copy: The copy stands simple and direct. It doesn’t use any extra compelling words. Instead, it leads the reader to take action. We find it interesting that the human figure and text all direct the audience to take action.

9. Amgen Oncology – Engaging the Audience with Quizzes

Amgen takes the audience on an awareness journey by bringing the audience into an interactive world of self-health.

What we love about this post:

Copy: it’s interesting that the copy won the audience’s attention with a question and retained it with easy-to-follow graphics. The color code is fantastic, and the slides combine as many basics of Leukemia as possible.

Content: An unaware audience gets a basic understanding of what Leukemia is. The post further spirals the reader into another stage of the awareness test, with a constant reminder of the celebration being WLD22 #BELEUKEMIAAWAERE

10. BGCI – Leveraging User-Generated Content

Want to learn how to weave a hashtag into your content calendar? The BCIG is PRO at it. We find inspiration in the straightforward copy.

Here is what we like about the post:

Creative: Yes, it’s a fantastic piece that can inspire creativity. Its simplicity in color and tone is plain astonishing.

Copy: The word “simple” pops up again. We love how the copy didn’t take much space, raking the audience through what matters; the Color of Biodiversity.

11. RoboKiller – – Relatable Humor / Creator Collaboration

RoboKiller has mastered the use of relatable humor to pass messages across. Now, this post shows how they can nail it at relatable humor and creator collaboration with @spacekits


Need this Robot in my life 😭 Fool the scammers and stop the spam calls with @RoboKiller #RobocallRevenge #Robokiller #ad

♬ original sound – Cliff Benfield

What we love about this post:

Concept: The fool the scammer message was not only effectively and humorously passed. The overarching message is to get the app and stop spam calls from scammers, but RoboKiller didn’t reveal that monotonously. It employed a relatable storyline and shot sharply with the promotional message creatively, giving the extra scammer a revenge tip.

Copy: The copy is the most relatable of the entire post. It uses the relatable scammer narrative and twists it to let people know that with a particular app, they can fool the scammer. Brilliant, humorous copy! Get the scammers to pee in the pool. Now, who’s the fool?

Creative: The video is easy and fun to watch as it keeps one glued within the first few seconds. Who says a good, humorous cartoon cannot serve an advertisement purpose? RoboKiller disagrees with that.

Caption: The caption gave an excellent finishing blow to whatever doubts a post viewer may have concerning the content. It precisely rounds up the advertisement post with a CTA that lets potential app users know why they need the RoboKiller app.

12. Canva – Repurposing Media Coverage

Canva will snatch an opportunity when they see one. This repurposed media coverage post shows us all about it, and we love to see it!


What we love about this post:

Creative: This video shows the live benefits of using Canva; how it has helped USA Today journalists boost and simplify their work processes. It employs storytelling, visual appeal, and color to keep viewers interested. It is also straight to the point in a “this is how our work gets easier simply because we use Canva” way. It’s awesome.

Content: We find it laudable that Canva uses rich storytelling with this post’s content. It directly states that the app is one of the reasons why a newsroom works seamlessly, as it offers certain benefits of great use to them. It doesn’t directly market itself; it repurposes one of its media coverages to do that. Clever!

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13. Taco Bell – Jumping on Silly Trends

Trends are like the sugar in the tea of social media marketing. Trust Taco Bell to leverage these trends.


What would you do with 30 days of tacos? Introducing TacoLoversPass, a taco a day for 30 days. @connerchanttt

♬ original sound – tacobell


What we love about this post:

Creative: You can never go wrong with trends. However, be careful. You can go wrong if you don’t do it right. Taco Bell certainly did it right with this one. It captures life activities for the everyday man, from the monotonous ones to the celebratory ones, and then hints at what including tacos in your daily activities for 30 days can look like with the taco lovers pass. It is colorful, shows variety, and, like TikTok trending videos, shows human actions and emotions.

Content: Tacos promotes tacos lovers pass by using a simple yet catchy and creative 3o days of tacos video. This promotes the tacos challenge message and makes viewers visualize themselves eating tacos for days. It just may be the trick to get the tacos lovers on board. Talk about jumping on a trend and, thankfully, not doing too much.

Just right!

14. DGMG – Repurposing Podcast Content

You know we’re fans of making your content work smarter, not harder. For example, reformatting, repurposing, and reposting podcast content is a great way to fill out your content calendar and promote it on your other channels.

Dave Gerhardt does that with his marketing podcast.

What we love about this post:

  • Creative – Audiograms are a pretty popular way to repurpose podcast content, but they’re often not very visually engaging. Gerhardt gets around that by adding a few simple elements: the cutout of his face, the lightly animated captions, and the CTA in the footer for the whole video. Together, these elements grab and hold the viewers attention in a way that just the audio waveform in the background couldn’t do on its own.

15a. Zoom – Sharing Pro Tips for Users

Showcasing product features on social is a great way to interest prospective customers and provide value to existing customers.

And yes, this does work for SaaS brands, too, as Zoom proves.

What we love about this post:

Concept: For a brand that provides collaborative/team communication solutions, Zoom knows the importance of pro tips for its users, as it’s a win-win for both parties. The solutions provider and the user. In this post, Zoom markets its conversation intelligence solution while giving valuable tips for sales leaders.

Copy: “The use of game-changing sales solution you’ve never heard of” is all the copy needs to thrive. It spurs interest in the target audience and convinces them to click to see the said sales solution. It’s great.

Content: Zoom cleverly makes it known that the world of sales is fast evolving, so there is a need for a game-changing approach to conducting marketing activities. It gives more enlightening information on implementing a game-changing strategy using conversation intelligence. It then hits the nail on the head by introducing Zoom IQ’s conversation intelligence features that salespeople can use to up their game. Informing and selling is what this content does. Killing two birds with one stone; Zoom knows how to do it well.

15b. MoxiWorks – Savvy Image Text Placement

Knowing how to mix texts and images to advertise is no extreme sport, but even at that, if your image-text placement is conflicting, complex, or just not easy on the eyes, it can ruin your content. Moxiworks uses its image and text placement in a straightforward and relaxed way.

What we love about this post:

Creative: Simplicity works. Meanwhile, knowing how to slay it is equally critical. Moxiworks did justice to this creative using just one image, a great call-to-action, and a few colors.

Copy: It’s just what a copy should be. Precise, straight to the point, and spurring action. In seven words, the copy lets the post viewers know that with Moxiworks, you can get more customers and sell more homes as a real estate agent. Perfecto! This is one of the times simplicity does it.

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Paid Social Media Examples

16. Moz – Standing Out with Colorful Ad Creative

We mentioned using bright colors to stand out in your audience’s feed in the earlier section on organic social. The same holds true for paid media.

Moz does an excellent job of grabbing attention with bold color choices.

Colorful Example of Facebook Ad from Moz

What this ad does well:

  • Creative – This graphic hits several marks. 1) The color palette is bold, which will capture attention in the target audience’s feed, but it’s not so bright that it hurts the eyes or distracts from the message. 2) The lines and graphical elements draw the eye into the center of the image where 3) there’s a human face, an image which generally performs well.
  • Copy – Strong, minimal copy studded with impressive, curiosity-raising stats gets the point across quickly and efficiently.
  • Clever Targeting – This ad is targeted to people who like marketing and marketing agencies, so a case study link makes sense here. They’ve targeted for an audience that is more likely to be curious about this particular case study and also more likely to be interested in Moz’s services after reading the said case study.

17. Airtable – Bringing Creative Flair to Ads

You’re more likely to reach prospects with paid social, so channel some of that creative energy usually reserved for organic social posts into your ads instead to hit your social media KPI.

Airtable is a great example of a company that builds beautiful ads but doesn’t spend a lot of time on their organic presence – and that’s ok.

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What this ad does well:

  • Creative – The illustrations combine an eye-catching, graphic style with funny captions to both grab and hold attention in the feed. This same illustration style is present on the Instagram account, creating a cohesive, branded look.
  • Copy – Ad copy doesn’t have be dry and boring. Airtable illustrates that with short, witty copy that still delivers an effective value prop.
  • Landing Page – The idea of using your Instagram account as a landing page is both unique and aesthetically pleasing. It’s also a great move for brands who haven’t developed a consistent organic strategy yet but are starting to run ads.

18a. Adwerx – Savvy Image Text Placement

Ad copy is definitely important but ad image copy is even more so. Check out how Adwerx uses image text to maximum advantage in this example:


Facebook Ad Image Text Example

What this ad does well:

  • Creative – Overall, this is a very clean, seamless design. It pops against the white of the feed and the bar of white against the blue background draws the eye from the feed into the middle of the image.
  • Copy – This ad recognizes that the image is read first, not the primary text. That’s why the main, impressive stat is introduced in the image text and then readdressed in the primary text.

19. Homesick Candles – Simple But Aesthetically Pleasing Video

Don’t underestimate the power of simple, pretty creative. Homesick Candles consistently nails that in their ads.

Cinemagraph-Style Video Ad Example

Watch the whole ad here to feel a little homesick.

What this ad does well:

  • Creative – The simple direct messaging text and subtle cinemagraph of a flickering candle flame make for a minimalist but still aesthetically pleasing ad. It’s also a great example of a simple way to re-use and refresh product shots for your Shop Now ads.

20. Firstleaf – Casual but Compelling Copy

Do your ads sound stilted and salesy or do they sound like you? Like your brand voice?

Firstleaf approaches ad copy with a casual voice, which is fitting for a trendy, millenial brand.

Firstleaf Facebook Ad Content

What this ad does well:

  • Creative – Humans trust other humans, remember? By including a human element in their product shot, Firstleaf is triggering that response in prospects viewing the ad.
  • Copy – Great, casual copy makes this ad feel less salesy and more conversational – while still operating within the classic Problem, Agitate, Solve framework.

21. Kodiak Cakes – Leveraging Testimonials in Shop Now Ads

Testimonials are powerful tool for selling for a pretty simple reason: people trust other people’s recommendations. Even people they don’t know.

See how Kodiak Cakes uses a testimonial in their ad copy 👇


Shop Now Facebook Ad Example from Kodiak Cakes

What this ad does well:

  • Creative – The carousel of photos gives the feel of shopping an online catalog and the photos themselves are particularly compelling and aligned with the brand’s lifestyle positioning. Kodiak Cakes’ product isn’t pancake mix, it’s the idea of the outdoors and adventure.
  • Copy – Using a glowing testimonial as the ad copy is a simple but effective tactic.

22. Calm – Adding Value with Their Ads

Can you create an ad that adds value to your prospects’ timelines… even if they don’t buy anything?

Yes, because value can mean different things – education, entertainment, or, in the case of Calm, mental wellness and self-care.

Motion Graphic Facebook Ad Example

Take a 20 second meditation break and watch the full ad here.

What this ad does well:

  • Creative – Apart from being colorful and eye-catching, this video ad works so well because it showcases a feature of the product right in the timeline, allowing prospects to experience the app without even having to download it. It’s also refreshing to see an app that injects a little zen into your scrolling.
  • Copy – While the primary text copy is strong and addresses the pain point, the important copy in this ad is the video text. It guides viewers through a simple breathing exercise, proving value before asking for a sale with the end card CTA.

23. Coverage Book – Illustrating Product Benefits From a New Angle

Telling the same story (Before-After-Bridge) from a new angle can make it feel fresh again.

See how Coverage Book did it.

What this ad does well:

  • Positioning – The copy here tells a story that positions the product’s benefit for a better user experience. This is a great tactic for B2B brands to use.

24. Carta – Reaching Ideal Users

How can you target your ideal user more effectively?

Get specific. Let them know that this ad is meant for them, like Carta does in this example.

Exact Match Copy in LinkedIn Ad

What this ad does well:

  • Copy – It’s clear to any CEOs reading this ad that the product was designed with their unique challenges in mind. By using exact match title and role in the copy, Carta is able drill down to reach their ideal user on a more personal level.

25. Tealium – Getting Specific with ABM

Account-based marketing is all about turning your dream clients into your actual clients.

Check out how Tealium tailors every part of their ads to stand out in the feeds of their target accounts.

Example of ABM on LinkedIn

What these ads do well:

  • Copy – Tealium calls out their target accounts (in this example, Nationwide and Capital One) in three different places: the ad copy, the image text, and the title (the text in the gray box at the bottom, with the URL). Every aspect is customized.
  • Creative – While the bright colors of these graphics are likely to stand out in the feed, where the creative really shines is how it makes the targeted copy pop even more. “Nationwide” and “Capital One” are highlighted in yellow, which draws the eye to them immediately, before the user reads any of the other copy.

26. Optimizely – Making the CTA the Focus

You have approximately 1.7 seconds to grab a prospect’s attention with your Facebook ad — 2.5 if they’re viewing on desktop. It’s your job to make the action you want them to take clear and compelling.

Optimizely uses a pop of bright color in their ad creative to draw the eye down to the CTA button.

Facebook ad example from Optimizely

What this ad does well:

  • Creative – Everything about the minimalist design here works toward their goal of drawing your eye down to the CTA button. The black background doesn’t distract, but instead allows the yellow accent color to pop as both the arrow and the abstract pattern draw the eye down to the CTA. The image text is easy to read and clean but still eye-catching with its clever design.

27. Q Spine Institute – Highlighting the Logo for Brand Recognition

Part of paid social is getting your foot in the door with brand association. This Facebook ad by Q Spine Institute does a great job of keeping their logo at the forefront without detracting from the messaging or design.

Example of Facebook ad by Q Spine Institute

What this ad does well:

  • Creative The full ad is very simply animated, rotating between three images with a static logo block in the corner. What’s eye-catching and unexpected is the way it breaks the rule of thirds, ensuring it stands out in the feed. We also love the attention to detail in making sure the elbows in each image break the letter Q, drawing the eye to the contrast difference and therefore the brand’s logo.

28. HubSpot – Eye-Catching Animations

When you’re trying to stop thumbs, your ad creative is one of your most powerful tools. You want something that helps stand out in your prospects’ endless, overcrowded feeds.

HubSpot knows that a little bit of movement is often enough to catch and hold users’ attention.

Facebook Ad Example from HubSpot

(View the full animation here)

What this ad does well:

  • Creative – The simple but eye-catching animations help this ad stand out in the feed, but they’re also functional: the white space makes the image text easier to read. It’s also not overly graphical; the animations enhance the image without detracting from the human element, which performs well.
  • Copy – Both the ad and image copy are concise and targeted, quickly illustrating value.

29. Incogmeato – Turning Up the Heat with a Poll

Twitter and LinkedIn’s native poll features are excellent tools for engagement and that remains true for sponsored posts.

Check out how Incogmeato did it below.

Example of Sponsored Twitter Post from Incogmeato

What this ad does well:

  • Creative – Adding the graphic to this poll is what took it to the next level. The image copy draws the eye first and calls for interaction in a playful, slightly antagonistic way.
  • Copy – The slightly inflammatory messaging encourages dialogue without being offensive.

30. Recess – Retargeting with Venn Diagrams

While you don’t have much time to get your point across in an ad (remember, 1.7 seconds), you can use visuals to communicate messaging faster.

Take for instance how Recess used a Venn diagram in this retargeting ad.

Example of Facebook Ad from Recess

What this ad does well:

  • Creative – Overall, this graphic is very aesthetically pleasing and on brand — soothing color palette and casual lowercase typography. The standout feature, though, is the use of the Venn diagram. Because the Venn diagrams are instantly recognizable and interpreted, it works as a kind of visual shorthand to communicate their messaging quickly.

31. MainStreet – Breaking the Fourth Wall

Sometimes, the best way to break up the monotony and stand out in a feed vying for your prospects’ attention is to acknowledge the obvious: hey, this is an ad!

Breaking the fourth wall is unexpected and refreshing, as proven by MainStreet in this promoted Tweet.

promoted tweet from MainStreet that breaks the fourth wall with humorous copy

What this ad does well:

  • Copy – Both the image text and the primary copy grab attention immediately and communicate the value prop well. More impressive, though, is how the copy also works as a lead qualifier. The ad simply asks the user to not to click the ad if they don’t meet the criteria, which feels engaging and compelling, rather than off-putting, because of the casual, personal tone.

Social Media Accounts to Follow for Content Ideas

32. Aldi UK on Instagram – Appealing visuals

Aldi is an international grocery store chain with over 10,000 locations across Europe, Australia, China, and the U.S.

They’re best known for their no frills stores and low prices, but their Instagram is also poppin’.

Why we follow:

  • Never-Ending Feed – Aldi UK’s IG page is a masterful example of a seamless grid. Scrolling through their page is a visual buffet that feels like one cohesive, never-ending image.
  • Link in Bio – The brand pairs their mouthwatering images with breezy, casual copy that gives you just enough of the recipe to want to actually click through to the link in bio and read the rest as well as shop the ingredients.


Aldi's Instagram Homepage and Grid

33. Arm on LinkedIn – Balanced feed and aesthetic B2B

Arm is a software company that designs and licenses processor chips, headquartered in Cambridge, UK with locations globally. Their LinkedIn account is regularly updated and while clearly targeted toward a software and technology audience, it’s still a great example of B2B social done well.

Why we follow:

  • Balanced Feed – Arm posts a good mix of product focused content and HQ behind-the-scenes content to their LinkedIn page.
  • Aesthetic B2B – In addition to being balanced, Arm’s feed is full of posts with cool, colorful graphics that make the subject matter feel less abstract.


B2B LinkedIn Account Content

34. HubSpot on Facebook – Consistent branding and educative content

Most marketers are familiar with HubSpot. They’ve been around for nearly a decade and a half and their status as experts on inbound marketing is apparent in how they manage their social media accounts. They’re crushing it across all channels, but we particularly recommend checking out their Facebook presence.

Why we follow:

  • Consistent Branding – Both HubSpot’s paid and organic content are beautifully and consistently branded for a flawless, unified, and aesthetically-pleasing brand experience.
  • Education Done Well – Providing value and resources at no-cost to your customers is how to build strong customer relationships.


HubSpot Paid and Organic Facebook Content

35. Later on Instagram – Organic advertising and tips for socials

Social media planning and scheduling app by day and industry experts by… well, also day, Later is well-known in the social media scene. It should come as no surprise to find them on this list.

Why we follow:

  • Organic Advertising – Later’s Instagram content is bright, colorful, fun, and really makes you want to start using Later if you don’t already. It’s a great example of how you can advertise your product in organic and owned media without coming across as pushy and salesy.
  • Education Done Well – As industry experts, Later uses their platform to educate followers about all things social media – not just their own product features. Their account is a useful resource if you’re looking to learn about social media news, trends, or tools.


Later's Colorful Instagram Account

36. Pantone on Instagram – UGC and color gradient grid

The Pantone Color Matching System is used across most industries as the standard for color classification and reproduction.

On social, though, it’s easy to forget that Pantone is a B2B company, since their branding is so aesthetic.

Why we follow:

  • Use of UGC – UGC is a valuable asset in the content calendar of any brand, but for Pantone it is the content calendar. Because they rely so heavily on UGC, they’re also extremely discerning when choosing which content to share. You’ll notice that their feed is consistent in terms of quality despite being aggregated from a variety of creators.
  • Color Gradient Grid – We love a good grid and Pantone’s color gradient grid is on point. And since color inspiration is literally their whole deal, it’s also 100% on brand. So, start scrolling and get inspired.


Pantone's Instragram Account and User Generated Content

37. Slack on Twitter – Community management

If your company functions anything like ours does, then you’re likely already familiar with Slack, especially in the era of working from home and social distancing.

But you might not be familiar with their Twitter account… and you should be.

Why we follow:

  • Community Management – Slack’s masterful community management is due to both their responsiveness and the voice they use. The funny, casual vibe that comes through in their posts is the same tone they use when responding to customer questions, concerns, and replies.


Twitter Account with Good Management

38. Square on Instagram – Customer stories and consistent branding

Square is a merchant services company based out of Silicon Valley. You’ve probably swiped your card with one of their card readers at your local coffee shop or small business. On social, that’s exactly who they’ve chosen to highlight – a strategy that other B2B brands in similar industries can learn from.

Why we follow:

  • Customer Stories – Customer success stories are by extension your brand’s success stories. Square leverages the power of these testimonials regularly, turning their Instagram page into a mini case study library.
  • Consistent Branding – Clean, minimal, black-and-white. Square’s posts are consistent and easily recognizable in the feed.


Example of Consistent Branding on Square's Instagram

39. Steak-Umm on Twitter – Brand voice

Snarky, witty commentary from a food brand? We’ve seen it before, but not quite like this. Wendy’s social media manager crawled so that Steak-Umm’s social media manager (AKA Nathan Allebach) could run – and also dance on TikTok with a Steak-Umm box on his head. Twitter is where things really took off for Steak-Umm, though.

Why we follow:

  • Brand Voice – Human, witty, self-aware, and slightly absurd, Steak-Umm’s Twitter voice is a persona unto itself. While it doesn’t have much to do with frozen steak, that’s kind of the point, as evidenced by the brand’s recent viral fame.


Example of a Unique Brand Voice on Twitter

40. Tim Gray on Instagram – For creative inspiration

Tim Gray is a freelance motion graphics designer and co-founder of Breakout Clips, a video ad template service. His Instagram account features a lot of the animations he designs for the site.

Why we follow:

  • Creative Inspiration – Tim Gray’s unique creative style is a great source of inspiration for how to use motion graphics in your future content. You can save examples to a dedicated video and graphic design swipe file to share with your design team or freelance designers you work with. Kind of like bringing a photo of the style you want when you go to get a haircut. Or you can get the design straight from Breakout Clips – all of Tim’s designs are available for download through their subscription service.


Tim Gray Instagram Content Ideas

41. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream on Instagram – Colorful feed

Founded in NYC, Van Leeuwen is an artisan ice creamery with an IG presence that is just as delicious as their product.

Why we follow:

  • Colorful Feed – While most of their ice cream comes in yummy tones of brown, pink, and cream (you know, normal colors for ice cream that’s not full of food coloring), Van Leeuwen’s posts always incorporate fun pops of color – either in the background or the ice cream cartons themselves.
  • Amateur and Professional Photography – Van Leeuwen manages their IG feed with a great mix of stunning, professional product shots and more casual, “iPhone photography” of relatable moments or just fans enjoying their ice cream. The result is both balanced and aesthetic.


Well-Done Example of Product Photography

42. Trainual on LinkedIn – Episodic content

Trainual provides companies with a central hub for onboarding, training, and SOP management. Their LinkedIn page acts as its own training manual of sorts, full of helpful advice, knowledge, and industry news.

Why we follow:

  • Episodic Content – Serial content is great not only for a consistent feed but also for capturing and holding users’ interest week after week. Alongside social-first content like their company culture series, Trainual repurposes clips from their podcast “Process Makes Perfect,” filling their page with consistently engaging episodic content that works for the platform.


Examples from Trainual's LinkedIn Company Page

43. Gong on LinkedIn – Engaging text and color discipline

Another B2B SaaS brand with a great LinkedIn presence, Gong is a sales insights and analytics tool for remote teams.

Why we follow:

  • Engaging Text Posts – Looking at Gong’s LinkedIn page, you’ll see it’s not flooded with pretty graphics or fun videos. It’s mostly… text posts. Why does it work? A few reasons. Their consistent format — all caps headline followed by a double-spaced exposition — is easy to read and digest. Their straightforward, first-person voice feels casual, like you’re talking to a friend. And finally, they consistently provide value. The majority of their posts are full of punchy, actionable advice for sales professionals.
  • Color discipline: Gong sticks to its color code in almost all its communications, except memes. We love that the company maintains a particular tone. Easy to pinpoint that purple is its trademark, and memes are never scarce.

Examples from Gong's LinkedIn Company Page

44. Lessonly on LinkedIn – User focused

Lessonly provides businesses with customer service and sales training solutions. Their LinkedIn page features their customers, team, and tons of helpful info for platform users.

Why we follow:

  • User-First Focus – Lessonly’s LinkedIn is full of great info for users, made with those users in mind. Their article and webinar teasers are easy to read, the main point of any post is clear before the fold/’see more’ tab (LinkedIn truncates text at 140 characters), and they highlight their customers as stars in a regular series. Oh, and did we mention their customer community, Llama Nation? 🦙
  • Consistent Branding – The color consistency on the page is aesthetically pleasing and cohesive. It’s also nice to see a brand that uses team pics instead of stock photos, which feels more personal and authentic.

Lessonly's Company page on LinkedIn


45. Dooly – For Memes, thought leadership, and knowing their sales audience well

Brands that know their audience well are hitting it right. Dooly’s page is all shades of fun and life.

Why we follow:

Relatability: Dooly meets our eye with something different for every significant scroll we make. From engaging memes to attention-grabbing videos, you can scroll to the bottom page if you have the whole day.


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