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jargon hunting

In this Taboo™-style word-guessing game, players are given a common marketing jargon word or phrase. Get the other players to guess the answer without using any of the off-limit words before the timer runs out!

fact check

Players are given an almost true statement to correct. First to buzz in and make the correction wins the point. Rinse and repeat.

survey says

Popular opinion wins in this game where contestants are shown a brand’s Twitter or LinkedIn poll and must accurately guess which option received the most or least votes.

what's trending

Players test their knowledge of social media current events in this rapid-fire trivia game. (We wanted to call this one “Found on Jane M. Wong’s Twitter” but production said that name was too long.)

fake out

Contestants race against the clock and each other to tell the difference between a well-known ad, brand logo, or post and a convincing fake.

under budget

Players compete to guess the price tag on various campaigns, tools, and products by getting as close to the real number as they can without going over budget.


In this marketing mystery game, players must identify a mystery brand by piecing together a series of clues.

internet quiz

This one’s for the trivia fans — players compete over three rounds to showcase their knowledge of marketing trivia.

meet your match

In this marketing-themed matching game, contestants compete against each other and the clock to find the winning pairs.

best practices

Players must pick the best practice out of a series of possible actions to earn the most points each round and avoid penalty strikes.



become a contestant

We’re on the hunt for modern marketers who:

  • answer Jeopardy questions out loud
  • always crush at Trivia Night
  • dream of being on The Price Is Right
  • just enjoy a little friendly competition

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