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acquisition growth campaigns

Grow faster building a brand that lasts — then scale your output without adding more sales people. Our lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns are designed for B2B brands with big goals, small marketing teams, and high-ticket sales. Here's how it works:

Sculpt’s 5-step growth programs cover the planning, testing, and ongoing optimization of your brand’s paid customer acquisition funnel.

1. Opportunity Assessment

Discover the holes in your marketing/sales funnel. Our 10-day assessment helps you determine what’s holding you back from winning new customers, and action items to get on the right path. We’ll audit your current customer value journey and the ads, lead magnets, emails, and offer in place. Oh, and as a bonus, we’ll conclude with quick wins to implement immediately for added traffic and conversions.

2. New funnel foundation

Build a new foundation for measurable digital marketing. We’ll put together a paid acquisition campaign strategy focused on driving your most valuable customers to your most valuable content and offer. Of course, our foundation phase includes the conversion tracking implementation required to attribute new customers to your campaigns.

3. Start collecting qualified leads

With a paid media campaign plan in place, we can start driving prospects from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google through your refreshed funnel. We’ll use insights from your website analytics, campaign dashboards, and our internal huddles to improve your impact, week-after-week. Digital marketing services at this stage include:

  • An experienced Engagement Manager that owns reporting and optimization
  • Dedicated landing pages for A/B testing lead magnets and offers
  • Social media ads for top-of-funnel persona-targeted traffic
  • Paid search ads for middle and bottom-of-funnel traffic
  • Integrations with marketing automation for lead nurturing

At the end of 100 days…

Gain a clear sense of your target audience and their journey to become a customer, a new digital marketing foundation, and a live campaign collecting qualified leads for your core offers.

4. Test and scale to double qualified leads

After another 90-days of campaign creative, audience, and offer testing, expect a dialed-in, lead-generating campaign with 2x the conversions. Your team will monitor and learn alongside ours so we can successfully transition over responsibility, and start focusing on your next big win.

5. Scale results with your team

Imagine getting twice the results without adding more people? In our first 12 months, our goal is to level up your team’s capacity by training them on our systems, providing full access to our tools, sharing Slack access for quick response times, and organizing one-on-one walkthrough sessions as you need them. Sustainable growth, here we come.


67 MQLs & 289% ROI

Study abroad agency CIMBA struggled with the impact of a shift in consumer behavior, the divided attention of college students, and limited human resources to market their programs across campuses.

To fill the funnel, Sculpt remixed user-generated content into compelling paid social media & search campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Snapchat. The campaigns were designed to incite FOMO, capture high-intent leads, and drive students into their application application funnel, which included email and SMS follow-ups.

Within 3 months, the campaigns had generated a 289% projected ROI based on the value of completed applications.

Download a copy of our proven process one-pager see if you qualify for our double your leads guarantee.

(It’s a real thing.)

start doubling your leads

other areas of focus

content strategy

Content is fuel for your campaigns. We’ll provide recommendations for improving your visibility in search (SEO), lead conversion rate (CRO), and traffic from social with the help of kickass content.

paid search campaigns

Your prospects are searching for answers to problems you solve—so organic and paid search should be your friend. Is your keyword and content strategy setting you up for success? We’ll start with an audit then prescribe a plan.

conversational marketing

Challenge us to maintain your brand voice as your prospect moves from stranger to promising lead. We use conversational marketing platform Drift to convert website visitors into conversion opportunities with real-time chat bots.

We’ve passed our six-month goal in three months and show no signs of slowing down. Additionally, the leads that we’re getting are more qualified than ever before.

Let’s talk about your growth goals (and beyond).

start doubling your leads