Posted 04.27.2019 by Josh Krakauer

Should Our B2B Brand Be On TikTok?

Posted 04.22.2019 by Maddy Osman

How to Rock Vertical Video on Social for Your Brand

What is vertical video? It might just be the perfect tactic for building relationships with your audience while driving ROI.

Posted 03.11.2019 by Maddy Osman

8 Social Media Myths We’re Debunking in 2019

During our second monthly Let’s Get Digital panel, we talked broadly about social media marketing best practices going into 2019, unintentionally debunking some long-held social media myths as we addressed the topic from several angles.

Posted 02.12.2019 by Josh Krakauer

Why you should get authorized to run political ads on Facebook (even if you’re not in politics)

If you think this new Facebook change doesn’t affect you, think again.

Posted 02.12.2019 by Maddy Osman

Top Paid Media Acquisition Tips for 2019

It's never been easier to break into the world of paid media. Here's what the experts are saying about 2019 & beyond, from our "Let's Get Digital" event.

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Sculpt Named Leading B2B Agency by Clutch in 2019 Report

For years we stuck to feedback forms that helped tremendously, but never saw the light of day. That’s where Clutch came in.

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