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Imagine 24/7 sales reps helping you close deals—would that help you grow faster? Skip the learning curve and master conversational marketing with a Drift partner agency. ⚡️

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It’s 2021. We order food, rides, and services at the click of a button. Are you still making B2B buyers fill out forms and wait for answers?

Ask yourself: How quickly does your team reply to inbound leads? Instantly?

Of course not, they’re not robots…yet.

Here’s the problem: Your prospects don’t buy when you’re ready. They research solutions, evaluate options, and demand answers on their own schedule.

Here’s the solution: Connect your buyers with the right people and answers in real-time when intent is highest—while they’re ON your site, not after.

Conversational marketing chatbots don’t replace sales conversations; they supercharge them.

That’s where Drift and Sculpt come in.

why conversational marketing?

Drift combines human chat and smart automation to scale sales conversations 24/7.

Grow your sales pipeline 📈

Easily collect contact information like emails and phone numbers with conversational messaging. Then ping your reps only when they’re ready to talk to sales.

Convert more website visitors

What happens after they submit? Why are you asking for their phone? Conversational chat can help. 2-3x your conversion rate by reducing fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the process.

Book more sales meetings

Your reps have office hours; chatbots don’t. Sync your team’s calendar with Drift to schedule meetings while you sleep.

Avoid time with bad-fit prospects

Are they ready for sales? Qualify leads with seamless follow-up questions about company size, budget, or needs. Route the right reps or responses based on their answers.

Conversational marketing makes it fun to buy B2B services.

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conversational marketing process

Build and launch your B2B chatbot and conversational marketing strategy in 3 steps.

1. Conversational Marketing Blueprint

All engagements start by building a Conversational Marketing Blueprint. The conversational marketing blueprint maps the essential targeting/messaging strategy for chatbots on your website to help your buyers find relevant content in the moment.


2. Build Chat Playbooks

Playbooks are chatbot workflows triggered by different events (like clicking a button or visiting a page). We’ll fully onboard Drift with conversion tracking and CRM integrations, and setup 5 primary Playbooks.

3. Optimize Bot Performance

After we go live, we’ll monitor key metrics like conversation open rates, leads captured, and booked meetings. We’ll also audit conversations to understand quality, and optimize bot playbooks based on what we learn.


onboarding overview

Within the first 60 days working together we will...

✅Host a kickoff meeting to educate on goals and implementation
✅Deliver a Conversational Marketing Blueprint
✅Design 5 “Playbooks” using the chatbot strategy we outlined
✅Setup an integration with CRM, sales, and Google Analytics goal tracking
✅Configure all audience targeting for each playbook
✅Configure basic routing for the users on the platform
✅Test the bot workflows to make sure everything fires correctly
✅Provide video recordings or light training session for users
✅Launch the 5 Playbooks inside Drift and start reporting on results

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