Jason Carroll

Senior Community Manager

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Yes, he's quote-tweeting while on a backpacking trip.

Growing up in a small, podunk mountain town, you might not think Jason would have what it takes to hang at the highest levels of social media marketing, but his viral Miley Cyrus or Ryan Reynolds retweets say different.

Upon receiving his BA in Visual and Public Art/Marketing at California State University, Monterey Bay, Jason hightailed it back to the Central Valley of California to plant some roots. Since then he has managed a myriad of social clients from national rail transportation to global itty-bitty dried grapes (even though he despises raisins…”it’s a texture thing”).

Now, with 10 years of social and digital media marketing under his belt, Jason knows timing is everything, small town charm and etiquette go a long ways (especially when your job is to talk to people online all day) and to be ahead of a trend, you have to make the trend.

As the Senior Community Manager at Sculpt, Jason leads proactive and reactive social media engagement programs for a number of high-profile brands.

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