Laurens Grisel

Senior Engagement Manager

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meet laurens

Yes, he's new to the United States.

Laurens has lived in Singapore, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and now he’s in New York. Ask him for stories and he’ll have plenty to share, or regale him with tales of your own youth! He’s always curious. Otherwise, Laurens is a motivated, ‘let’s get the job done’ kind of guy. He’s here to make his clients happy, the team happy, and himself stressed. His preferred food is something that’s almost healthy but tastes anything but, like a frozen KIND bar that’s practically a grown-up Snickers. They’re awesome, give them a try. You can find them at Target.

He’s typically taking a break with his cats, trying to cut down his fifty open tabs in Chrome, or planning the next month’s content. When not working, he’s writing, reading or binge-watching his favorite shows on repeat. Please interrupt him and say hi!

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