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Campaign Manager

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Yes, he's crafting campaigns with the same precision as the finest taquero in town.

Tony Huerta, a.k.a. Tony Garden (yes, like the lush, green kind in Spanish), is our Campaign Manager at Sculpt. Originally from Mexico, Tony’s journey has taken him across the globe, living in the U.S., Canada, Colombia, and now the romantic streets of Paris.

With a knack for turning complex data into high-performing strategies, Tony has worked with top brands across America, Europe, and Australia, developing killer campaigns that drive revenue, boost website traffic, and generate leads. Whether it’s LinkedIn Ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, or even Programmatic, Tony has mastered them all.

Before joining Sculpt, Tony sharpened his skills as a Senior Client Account Manager, working directly with enterprise clients to craft custom paid search and paid social strategies, develop top-notch customer service, and create killer lead gen campaigns.

When he’s not deep-diving into the paid media world, you’ll find Tony indulging in his love for music, cinema, and deep philosophical conversations—preferably all at once, with a strong coffee (sometimes wine) in hand.

Tony brings a perfect blend of expertise, accuracy, and a sprinkle of charm to the Sculpt team, making him the go-to guy for all things campaign-related.

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