Posted 11.03.2016 by Josh Krakauer

You’re Hired! 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Getting the Job at Sculpt

Keep these tips in mind.

Thinking about applying to Sculpt? We can’t wait to meet ya. Make sure that you’re bringing your full personality and voice to your pitch. There is no box we are trying to check. Our best hires have not been afraid to share ideas, stories, or take creative approaches to get our attention. You’re in marketing, after all.

Before you push send on that pitch, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts of applying for the role you deserve. We see the same job application problems over and over again. Let’s get your resume on the top of our ‘Yes’ pile instead of the ‘No Thanks’ pile.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind:

DO: Send your resume / response as a PDF.

Simple, but important. Preserve your formatting, fonts, and the integrity of your response the way you want us to read it. Do not send in any other format.


DON’T: Go too basic with the file naming.

If your file is “Resume”, “UpdatedResume”, or something similar, save-as again. A file label with your first and last name, resume, and date will help add context. An ideal example is “JaneDoe_Resume_10.2019.pdf”.


DO: Keep your pitch concise.

Your resume doesn’t have to share every detail, but should give us an overview of the full story. One single-sided page is preferred. If your resume stretches two-pages, but has the substance of one, it poses questions. (Also, an eight-page resume is way too long, and yes, we have received those.) We want to read the reasons why you would be the perfect person for this job. We don’t need to see a list of every class you took in college. We do not need to see that you are an excellent decorator at the cupcake shop (even though that’s rad; we like cake). Don’t tell us you are proficient in Microsoft Word. Tell us why you’re the right candidate. Tailor your story. Be succinct.


DON’T: Misrepresent.

Don’t lie about your background. Seriously. We’re great at research and discovery (it’s what we do). So please, be honest about your qualifications.


DO: Make your resume easy to read.

Design is important. Especially when you want to work at a creative shop. Set up your documents in a way that key information is easily found. If important facts about your qualifications are buried or hard to find, we may never notice them.


DON’T: Reveal everything.

*Puts HR hat on*

Do not include any information on your application about your gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, social class, disabilities, family life, or anything too personal for that matter. I have known HR managers who toss resumes containing a photo of the candidate. Don’t put your photo on your resume.

“I’m just a farm girl, recently graduated from college with a baby and a dream.” This statement sounds nice, but it tells us nothing about why she would be the right fit for the job. The personal information you share may explicitly or implicitly create a bias with hiring decision makers. Instead, let your skills shine through.

“I’m a self-motivated, marketing professional with five years of experience building audiences and engaging with customers.” See how there is now no reference to her age, gender, or family status anymore? Leave anything that could be discriminated against off your resume.


DO: Be meticulous.

We want to hire the best person for the job opening. We might receive 20 qualified candidates, and then have to weed out those who aren’t the right fit. Use spell check and write with proper grammar. Even the best writers make spelling mistakes, but avoid them at all costs. Be respectful in your application. Be conscious of how you are portraying yourself. Do your research. Words matter. Come prepared. We are not afraid to rule out the most qualified candidate who missed an important detail. We view your pitch as a reflection of what your work here will look like.


DON’T: Forget to share the ‘why’.

In your pitch, don’t simply tell us why we would be good for you — tell us why you would be good for us.

Because we are a small agency, every single employee adds a substantial impact on our business. You get picked not just because you can do the job, but because you can answer “what will our future look like with you?” In what meaningful ways can you help Sculpt grow? We see a lot of candidates who inform us about all the awesome things they have done, but very few explain why those experiences have made them the best fit for this job. Connect your experience to how you can help us at our company.

In the words of Sculpt CEO, Josh, “How will your name on our resume mean more than our name on yours?” How are you going to leave your mark here?


DO: Fill out the application completely.

Social and content marketing requires a keen attention to detail. If we have asked for a resume and answers to prompts, please send a resume and your answers with your application. Ask questions if you are unsure where or how to apply. “I forgot” is not a highly regarded excuse. Better yet — do it right the first time. 🙂


DON’T: Worry if you don’t hear from us right away.

The hiring process is well — a process. It takes us a bit of time to go through all candidates’ applications and make decisions. So please don’t worry too much if you don’t hear back right away. We promise, we will be in touch to update you regarding our progress.

If you want to be sure we’re considering your application please send us a quick note. Persistence is valued!

Hopefully all of these tips will ensure your application is placed on the top of the ‘Yes” pile.


Good luck, we’ll talk to you soon.



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