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Sculpt Named Leading B2B Agency by Clutch in Latest Report

As a prospective buyer, what's more important than real client reviews?

Sculpt is a B2B social media marketing company based out of Iowa City. Offering a variety of social and digital marketing services, we help businesses define their brand and drive growth.

(But you already knew that.)

Here’s something you didn’t.

Sculpt was featured on Clutch’s 2019, 2020, and 2021 Reports as a leader in advertising and marketing.

Specifically, we were named one of the top Facebook Marketing Agencies, Instagram Marketing Agencies in the US, and B2B companies in Iowa.

Some background…

What is Clutch?

Clutch is a ratings and reviews research firm for companies that provide marketing and digital services, like social media marketing. They are based in Washington D.C. and conduct in-depth reviews for clients of the companies they featured. It’s one thing to have clients leave passive reviews, like Facebook and Google (which we’re grateful for, and you should be too). Clutch goes a step deeper and covers the full scope of our engagements.

Why real client reviews matter to marketing agencies

It’s hard to argue that social media has redefined communication, and changed the way we (as humans) engage with our connections, community, and favorite companies. We love how social platforms gives users the ability to show the world the side of them that best represents who they are. Our team at Sculpt helps humans do just that: Break barriers between organizations and their audiences, and help brands inspire their customers to be their best selves.

There’s no secret about this—we  think what we do it’s important. We also think we do it pretty well. But as an Agile-powered marketing agency, feedback is key to learning and growing. With rapid change comes endless opportunities. How can we be better?

What do clients think about what we do?

Sculpt has evolved in recent years. From our roots as a pure-play, social media management company (“do it for you”), to the digital advisory arm of savvy marketers all over the country, we’re constantly seeking input on how to drive more value for clients. One of the best forms of feedback we receive is from exit interviews after campaigns, projects, or engagements. For years we exclusively used feedback forms to capture insights. They helped tremendously, but the answers never left the confines of our Google Drive.

That’s where Clutch came in.

The second reason reviews matter

Third-party reviews help us a ton, but chances are if you’re reading this, they matter to you too. According to a BrightLocal survey, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendations. Like Glassdoor for our prospective team members, Clutch gives you a peek into a relationship with Sculpt.

As a prospective buyer, what could be more important?

We have a few up there now, with more on the way.

Below are a couple quotes from some of the reviews Clutch has conducted for us:

“They’re some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people in what they do.”

Results aside, Sculpt really, really understands our brand. It’s extremely important that we have an agency that knows how to talk to our targets and prospects because we have a very specific tone in how we communicate. They’ve been able to capture our humor and laid-back approach to communication, and they’re really funny.

“They really blew the doors off the engagement and turbo-charged our online presence through social media.”

Clutch’s methodology takes into account our ability to deliver, our market presence, and most importantly, the reviews our analyst conducts. They feature digital marketing agencies across all different segments of the industry.

There’s a likely chance you have seen our presence. Maybe you even found us from there. If so, hey. You’re great.

So, what can you learn for your own business? We hope it’s this: Listen to your customers. Ask for their feedback. Use their experience as insights to improve. Embrace transparency.

Feel free to follow us on Clutch, y’all.

See the full list of reviews below:

The More Reviews The Better

Diversification can be a good thing. In addition to Clutch, we also maintain a profile across other agency marketplaces like Agency Spotter, G2, DesignRush (as a top Iowa digital marketing agency) and UpCity. Make sure to give our home a look there too.

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Josh Krakauer is the CEO of Sculpt, that B2B social media agency you just discovered. Josh has launched social media campaigns for best-selling books, publicly-traded corporations, and early-stage startups. Josh works from Washington, DC, but still thinks Iowa City is the best city on earth.

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